Lightroom Classic: Right-click Mark Favorite in Folders panel creates two favorite groups

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Right-clicking Mark Favorite in the Folders panel can incorrectly create two folder favorite groups. To reproduce:

1. Start with no favorite groups defined.

2. Select folder A.

3. Right-click folder B and do Mark Favorite (sic).

4. Observe there are two favorite groups, Folder: B (correct) and Folders: A, B (incorrect):

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Posted 5 months ago

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[Using Windows 10 - LR 7.4]


It seems that there's actually something wrong with the favorites marking/unmarking. I recently marked a folder as a favorite. It was tagged with a small star in the Folders panel of the Library module. It also appeared as a favorite in the "drop up" list that is available under the Grid view (I'm using a dual monitor configuration, so I usually have the grid view on the second monitor). I unmarked that folder from that drop up list. The folder was actually removed from the drop up list but was still tagged as a favorite (with the star) in the Folders panel of the Library module. When I right-clicked it there, the Mark Favorite command was available, not the Unmark command. Gasp !

The bug is easy to reproduce (and obviously, this feature was not very well tested - I would say, not tested at all ) : assuming you have selected folder A and now right-click another folder B and mark it as a favorite, both folders A and B get the favorite star. If you right-click A in the Folders panel, the Mark Favorite command is available while the folder is already marked as favorite with the star. So it's not a favorite on this side of the UI. If you open the drop up list under the Grid view, A appears in the Favorites section but at the bottom of the drop up list you get the Add Favorites command although that folder is currently selected and already marked as a favorite. So, on this side of the UI, A is a favorite but you can't unmark it.

Yet another inconsistency problem in the Lightroom UI. If someone had spent just a few minutes checking this code, the bug would have been detected immediately.

That's the problem since a while at Adobe : design flaws letting inconsistency problems appear in the UI and non-existent QA dpt. This bug belongs to the same category as these ones (which are still not fixed):

Obvious coding mistakes and lack of testing. Back to the base problem here :

The problem is not that such bugs appear. The problem is that they go undetected to public releases. They are so obvious that they should be immediately spotted by the developer himself before the QA dpt. have a look at the new code. Adobe, are you subcontracting coding to students or offshore developers ?

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I've logged this bug, John. 
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The bug is logged and the wait continues.

I have a question. What can explain that bugs that have been reported (many) years ago, that have been acknowledged and that are annoying enough to deserve a fix are still waiting to be corrected ? I'm not talking only of this one but of many others. I really can't understand this. Adobe have resources and are making enough profit with LR to provide a decent maintenance service. Where's the bug in your procedures that make this merely possible ?

I have a few ideas about this but I'd really like to hear something from an Adobe rep.