Lightroom: Resizeable width of import side-panels

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Please allow the "Import" side panels to be width-resizeable (like the side panels in Library and Develop modes).
User-defineable wider panels are useful for reading long folder names. Holding down ALT (Mac) while click-dragging the width works with the other side-panels, but not when importing.

Lightroom 5.7.1. on Mac OSX.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Agreed. A not-so-good workaround is to carefully over the mouse over the truncated folder name, and eventually LR will pop up a tooltip showing the full name. But it's a little fussy.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Import dialog file-browser hides deeply nested directories..

I have three businesses and have over 250,000 files. They live in nested directories. AND...

When Importing images (LR4.1, Win7) the FIXED WIDTH browser leaves me with files that I CANNOT ACCESS.

Lightroom's FIXED WIDTH IMPORT BROWSER makes some files INACCESSIBLE because they are hidden under the right edge of the import file broswer pane.

This has been the case for three years now and is rather a nuisance.

Yes, there are work-arounds (move my files to a higher directory during implrt, then move them back down once they are in LR) but that's just me making up for a poor UI decision on the part of the programmers.

This is comes from the programmer's having written their own browser for the import dialog. There are OS browsers available, but they wrote their own.

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"This is comes from the programmer's having written their own browser for the import dialog."

I don't think that's the cause, since the left-hand column of Library, containing the Folders panel, is arbitrarily expandable.

But I agree that the Import left column should be expandable.
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An easier workaround for a subfolder that's getting pushed too far to the right: Right-click the subfolder's parent folder and select Dock Folder.  That will compact the nested folder display quite a bit, and allow a lot more nesting:

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I just posted this on another Photography forum and someone suggested I come here to post a report.  I see this issues has been around for a while now but don't see that anything has been done.

What I posted on the other forum:
When I am in the Library module, I can hover my mouse over the area between the thumbnail panel and the mouse pointer turns into the resize symbol (little bar), thus allowing me to resize the side panel. Likewise in the Develop module.
However, when I am in the import module I can’t seem to resize the side panels. When I import I now add to a collection but some of my collection names are similar except for the last few characters and I’d like to resize the side panel (File Handling, Apply During Import,etc) so as to see the full names of all the collections available.
I see a workaround has been posted, but I'd 2018-07-24ill like to see this issue addressed if at al possible.   It is July 24th 2018 and I'm using the latest Lightroom Classic CC at this time (7.2).   Hoping someone from LR staff can chime in with whether this is something possible?
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Geez, people have been asking for the ability to change the width of the folders panel in the import dialog for 4 years, and nothing from Adobe?  #Sad. If Adobe could fix this in the library module, it should be easy to fix in the import module, too.
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"If Adobe could fix this in the library module..."

Unfortunately, they haven't fixed it in Library on Windows either:
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I think the best workaround for the narrow side panels in Import is to use an already implemented tool in import, the top dropdown.  Just click the little up-down arrow and the following will appear.  Select "other source" and your OS folder selection dialog will appear and you can widen it all you want.  This works on the destination side also.  I agree the side panel width should be adjustable but this is a good workaround.