Lightroom: Ability to resize and export based on short edge

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Lightroom wish list. Currently working in LR 5.7 I wish to take a RAW 36mp image and reduce it's size in 'original' format (RAW). I would also love to be able to resize on short edge as I do a lot of pan stitches making long images. Currently you can only export in DNG lossy and resize to long edge. Lossy Compression of any type isn't ideal as it represents compromise in image quality when further editing is required.
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Posted 4 years ago

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You're gonna have image quality loss by resizing anyway, regardless of compression method.

So another idea to minimize quality reduction:
* export at full size (or a less-reduced size)
* use lossy-DNG compression.

You'll probably have better file-size/quality ratio than if you downsized more but used lossless compression.

It's an especially good idea for the mean time since such lossless compression isn't supported anyway, yet.

Regarding the desire to specify resizing to short edge instead of long edge, there is a free plugin I wrote which allows you to do that:


Worth noting: if image is cropped, the exported size will NOT be what you set it to. Instead, the uncropped dimension will be as set, and the crop will be carried over as an adjustment. So, if you crop a landscape photo to have portrait dimensions (taller than wide), the short dimension will still be the height - somewhat counter-intuitive, but understandable. Another way to think of it: when exporting to lossy DNG you're actually "converting" the original to DNG (and specifying *uncropped* dimensions for exported file), then transferring settings as metadata, including crop. i.o.w. image data when exporting in lossy-DNG format never has Lr settings baked in (just like if you convert to lossless DNG).