Lightroom Quality Assurance dpt. Please tell us how it works.

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As a former developer and software engineer, I do know that delivering a 100% bug free software is just a dream. However, when I see the kind of bugs that are reaching the public release level in Lightroom, I doubt about the existence of a QA dpt. at Adobe.

I'm not talking about bugs that are difficult to detect, that appear only under certain circumstances or on certain hardware configurations. I'm talking about bugs that are immediately visible by everyone when using the new or modified features of a product.

LR 7.3 introduces a new way of managing and using presets and profiles. Very nice. So that's the first things that the QA dpt. should test. If they had, they should have seen that :
  • preset management commands like Rename and others have disappeared for folders
  • sorting is just a mess
  • presets, profiles and leftovers are spread over our disks without any consistency
  • etc. (just read the numerous reports about these problems)

You launch LR 7.3 for the first time in order to test the new Profile/Preset features and you see that immediately.

How can a QA dpt. manage to let these obvious bugs bubble up to the public release ? I'm really curious.

Or are we the QA dpt. ?

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Thanks! Exactly my opinion. Hiwever i think there will be bi official answer. Adobe should pull back this buggy version and release a bugfix 7.3.1 very soon
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We are the Beta testers and QA and we are PAYING Adobe for the "privilege."
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I more have the feeling Alpha testers
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I have just finished updating all my adobe and having to rollback PS because of Actions not working.  Now I am reading of issues with LR too and now I dunno what to do.
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what do you think they are doing with your $9 per month :)
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There was a time the Adobe introduced new versions as Beta first and users were encouraged to help find bugs before the final version was released to the general public for sale.  Running the Beta was optional.
Now the final version is released to the general public fraught with bugs that should have been caught in QA testing.  The perception by the consumer is that Adobe releases buggy untested software and this ultimately degrades Adobe's reputation.   I was gladly a beta tester the that option was available.  Now I have no choice to upgrade into an untested version of Lightroom that exposed my production catalog to great risk   I think it is time that Adobe reverted to the old method of beta testing and let the adventurous users beta test the product on a test catalog and not on a production catalog.  And then schedule a production release to the general public. 
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I am just as frustrated. It beggars belief heads do not roll with the state Lightroom has ended in over the past few years.

After several years of negect, 7.2 was an improvement (though not across the board as it introduced new issues). Now 7.3 is disaster. In the first 15 minutes of using it I encountered 4 or 5 bugs already.

We run a small professional photography company and depend on Lightroom. We do not get it for free, we pay more money than we should. 

If Lightroom was a physical product you would actually take it back and demand a full refund.