Lightroom Classic: Presets including raw profiles are sometimes available for non-raws, sometimes not

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[LR 8.1 now displays partially compatible presets in grey italics, which will avoid the confusion experienced by many users:]

Presets including raw profiles via Treatment & Profile are sometimes visible in the Presets panel when a non-raw is selected, sometimes not.  This is confusing.

- Presets including DCP raw profiles are visible for non-raws (Adobe Standard and all Camera Matching profiles).

- Presets including enhanced raw profiles are not visible for non-raws (Adobe Color, Monochrome, Landscape, Neutral, Portrait, Vivid).

This is clearly inconsistent behavior, since none of these raw profiles can actually be applied to non-raws.  LR should either hide all such presets for non-raws or make them all available, ignoring the raw profile when the preset is applied to a non-raw.

I think it should make them all available for non-raws, given this use case: People often click the Check All button when creating a preset.  When they round-trip a raw to Photoshop and get back a TIFF, they expect that such a preset should be applicable to the TIFF as much as to a raw, not remembering or knowing they clicked Treatment and Profile.

If LR makes none of these raw-profile-containing presets available for non-raws, then that will create another most frequent FAQ, "Why can't I see my preset?", analogous to "Where are the lens profiles?".
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"In general, if the preset/profile is based on a camera model specific DCP then the preset will not show up for other images"

In fact, it's the other way around. If an Adobe engineer is getting confused about this, imagine the confusion of the typical user!

Presets including camera-specific DCP profiles do show up for non-raws. For example, a preset including Adobe Standard or Camera Landscape does appear for a JPEG.  (These profiles are implemented as the original .dcp files, built for each camera.)

It's the presets that include profiles that aren't  camera-specific, e.g. Adobe Color or Adobe Vivid, that disappear for JPEGs and other non-raws.  (These profiles are implemented as the new enhanced profiles in .xmp files and apply to all cameras.)

See the screenshots below.

"Since Adobe Monochrome profile is not available for Jpeg the preset is also not available."

None of these raw profiles can be applied to a JPEG or other non-raw.  Yet presets that include some of them (e.g. Adobe Standard of Camera Landscape) are available for non-raws, while presets that include others of them (e.g. Adobe Color, Adobe Monochrome, or Adobe Vivid) are not available.

This distinction has no usefulness for the user.  If Adobe Standard and Camera Landscape can appear in JPEG presets, why shouldn't Adobe Color or Adobe Monochrome?

As I already stated in my original feature request, it would be best if LR simply ignored the presence of raw profiles in presets when applied to non-raws (as it currently does with Adobe Standard).

I made presets including a number of the raw profiles. Here they are when a raw photo is selected:

And here's what appears when a JPEG is selected: