Lightroom: Needs more tool tips, especially for Collections

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I believe that collections would be easier to understand and use, if they had tooltips. A tooltip is a small window where a brief description of the function of a button, panel, window, appears when the user hovers the mouse cursor over it. They are present in most applications.

I note that Lightroom does not appear to have them at all!

Personally, I would find them useful, especially when looking at collections. Unless the title is made extremely long, it may not be immediately obvious what the collection is of. A tooltip that the user could define when creating the collection would, in my opinion, make them much easier to use. I also feel that Lightroom would benifit from them generally.
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Both Mac and Windows LR have tool tips. The Windows tool tips appear in less than a second, while the Mac tool tips take about 2 seconds to appear on my computer, sometimes longer. Besides command buttons and thumbnail badges, some places they appear:

- The full name of a collection in the Collections pane on the left.
- The full path of a folder in the Folders pane on the left.
- The full name of a keyword in the Keywords pane on the right.

I take it they're not showing in your LR? Which version of LR, which version of which operating system? Note that on both Mac and Windows, you must click in the LR window before tool tips will appear.
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As John said, Lightroom does have tooltips, in some contexts. There are also many contexts where they are completely non-existent, e.g. export dialog box, plugin manager...

So, +1 vote for adding them to all contexts where they would be useful, e.g. collection notes.
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Thanks for the replies.

As you say Lightroom does have tooltips, I don't know how I missed them. I guess it is because there don't seem to be very many and not in the places I would find them most useful or with messages that are informative.

I took a quick survey of the tooltips on the Library page . I found the tooltips policy to be unhelpful. There are no tooltips on the title of each section, Histogram, QuickDevelop, Keywording etc. I would expect something there.

When you look inside these sections, at their sub-sections. Looking at Quick Develop in more detail, it has 'Saved Presets', 'White Balance' and 'Tone Control'. To me White Balance is the only sub-section title which has any meaning for me. The other titles are not immediately obvious what they refer to. The Saved Presets sub-section has no tooltips I can find. White Balance and Tone Control do not provide tooltips for the titles and only provide tooltips for some of the individual controls.

I find most of the tooltips that are provided, irrelevant. On the Clarity controls the tooltips are "Decrease Clarity", "Decrease Clarity", "Increase Clarity" and finally "Increase Clarity". Given the Clarity label and the internationally recognised symbols for "a lot less", "less", "more" and "a lot more", the tooltips give less information than the buttons themselves.

As a newbie to digital photograhy and Lightroom, I would like a brief explanation of what Clarity is and how changing it would improve or degrade my photograph.

I started out complaining about the need for tooltips on Collections, I have gone a long way beyond that. The point is Lightroom is a complex product and the learning curve is very steep. Yes, Adobe provide tutorial videos, but, to be blunt, all I have seen are self congratulatory look how wonderful this product is. With a very obvious sub-text you should buy it.

I have found very little plain honest teaching for those of use who are not professionals, but want to achieve the best possible results of their photography. As a newbie to Lightroom and digital photography, I need basic explanations of what the tools are, e.g. Clarity and Vibrance spring to mind.

There I've had my rant. If previous experience with other companies is anything to go by, it will be ignored. If Adobe is serious about wanting to provide good tools to all levels of photographer, if they want to make money they have to be. Then they will listen and take my comments to heart. Does Adobe even read this forum?

SIncerely Ric Evans