Lightroom: Respect Hierarchical Folders of Presets

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5 years ago, poster Sean Phillips first suggested this idea. Adobe has officially marked it as "implemented" - however, it is not implemented. Preset subfolders are scanned by LR, however, directory structure is not respected beyond the first level.

This makes preset management kludgy and inefficient. Please correct this by simply allowing the LR preset hierarchy to reflect the subfolder structure in the LR develop preset folder tree.
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  • quite annoyed at the lack of a very simple organizational tool.

Posted 4 years ago

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GREAT NEW WAY TO GIVE THIS FEEDBACK...  Adobe put up a survey asking users to tell them their top 3 issues with Lightroom performance. This is a good place to let them know about how much time we waste because Lightroom does not provide for hierarchical Develop Module Preset folders. Here's the link to the survey:


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I second that! Having one folder deep organization reminds me of 3" floppy disc era computing. 
It would be great for Adobe to respond more often in it's LR iterations to how experienced photographers actually use Lightroom, and how deeper UX/Intuitive design can make it even more powerful workflow software.

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The above thread it seems has been marked as resolved by an official comment that Hierarchical Folder presets  were implemented in Lightroom 4, even if they were, they are not currently in CC, which is why the thread is asking for them, but confusion abounds as commentators seem to think that Lightroom just do not care, is it possible to get some sort of official review/comment of this thread. ? thank you
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For reference by future readers, see the posts starting with this one from Adobe employee Rikk Flohr:
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Another +1 for this. Just organised a heap of downloaded presets the way I wanted them, and LR crushed the structure. On top of that, it's not even showing quite a few of them. Bit annoying...
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what about thinking make a subfolder system to organize presets?
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Official Response
Lightroom Classic CC 7.4 released earlier today and features more robust management of Profiles and Presets.  Here is some information regarding the new management tools:
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We need to be able to:

1. Have multiple levels of nesting. 

2. A thumbnail view for presets so we can see the effect of each preset without having to hover over them.

3. Option to have the preset thumbnails bigger or maybe on the 2nd screen.