Lightroom web: Friends should be able to download high-quality versions of my pics (like on Flickr)

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Hello,I recently signed up for the Photoshop CC plan and I love working on Lightroom Mobile on my iPad. Unfortunately, when I want to share pictures with family and friends, I am limited by the fact that Lightroom only allows them to download low quality JPEGs of the files (about 400kb sized). So I end up sharing photos through Flickr so they can get higher quality versions. Is there some reason the Smart Previews limit the size of the download? If not, this would be a great feature since it would allow family and friends to use the photos for printing/laptop backgrounds etc...Thank you!
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Posted 4 years ago

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Are you using the new download feature that's in the Comments pane's Photo Info section? This downloads a 2048 pixel JPEG.
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Yes, the 2048 pixel JPEG for a typical photo is about 500kb. On Flickr, the same picture posted to a shared album can be downloaded as a 3993 pixel 7.1mb file. Correct me if I am wrong, but is there not significantly greater quality in the 7.1mb file or is it only related to the pixel details?
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Even after 2 years, the largest image lightroom mobile CC from desktop is uploading and making available for download in cloud, are the smart previews.   There is now a way to upload (via web interface manually) larger images into that folder (not sure if that's a hack or bug though), and it's not really what I want because it adds to the folder.  

 After the folder is shared there is a settings icon in cloud that lets you make the folder shared and adds a "Download(able)" toggle box, that if you toggle on, really doesnt have any bearing on the resolution of the copy that you download (to improve it).    What i'd really like to see is if I create 1:1 previews in desktop it use that high resolution instead of the Smart Preview when uploading to the cloud.    

The use-case is If I share this folder in the cloud and turn on downloadable, and I generate the high-res previews, then the clients/family or whom-ever i'm trying to share with, can get a high-res and more usuable version.   (I'm not looking for 10 meg raw, just a better jpg).

The photos i put into mobile collections are usually the publishable artifacts after photoshop and panorama stitching, and could be quite a bit larger (up to the 21000 pixel wide limit, lightroom has on generating previews before it will error during indexing).
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I just learned that the limitations to pic size on ipad is the ipad itself, not Lightroom.
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Really..Would you mind explaining ? Thank you
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There's a bit of misinformation on this post, allow me to clarify:

1. Any images uploaded to the Adobe Lightroom Cloud from Lightroom Web, Lightroom Mobile, or Lightroom CC will upload full resolution files. Images uploaded from Lightroom Classic will upload the max resolution of Smart Previews.

2. Once you enable downloads (it's defaulted to off due to privacy concerns) for a shared album, visitors will download a full resolution JPEG of that image.