Lightroom mobile metadata handling on export questions.

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Hello, wise internet hive mind. There are a handful of things I'd like to be able to do with Lightroom Mobile and file exporting/metadata handling. With this new (July 2017) update that gives us some moderate control over metadata I'm not sure if these things are possible and I'm just missing them or if these are features I'll still have to wait for. Hoping someone here might have some answers. Issues are:

1) As a final part of my workflow to prepare web galleries for client review I need to export JPEGs that have metadata/title info intact. I see in the new info panel in LRM that we have some control over that, but if I'm doing this right it looks like the app treats an export (to Dropbox, et al) as DIFFERENT from a save-to-camera-roll. Metadata seems to transfer for the "export" but be stripped from the photos that are saved to camera roll directly from LRM. WTF? Is there a way around this or am I crazy? Do I need to take the extra (seemingly unnecessary) step of exporting files to Dropbox and then re importing them to the camera roll in order to maintain this metadata info? Is it perhaps a function of the iOS photos app that strips metadata?

2) It seems that LRM can only export/share/save to camera roll a maximum of 15 images at a time. Is this right? Seems very arbitrary and an odd limit to impose. Am I missing something? If not, hopefully this will be fixed/expanded at some point.

3) Now that we have some metadata control, is there a way to do batch file renaming within LRM? This is, of course, easily accomplished on the desktop version, but to keep my workflow mobile it'd be absolutely essential to be able to do it on LRM. If not within LRM does anyone know of another third party app that can accomplish this?

4) To have my web gallery correctly display the info necessary for client review I also need a method to - hopefully as a batch process - write the file name to IPTC title field. On the desktop there's a Bridge script that does this. I don't expect LRM to do it, but again, perhaps there's a third party app that does?

I realize that the answer to a lot of this is likely "do it on the desktop" but the whole point here is that i'm trying to figure out how much of my process I can truly take mobile. I appreciate any insight that you folks might have. Thanks.
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#2 re: the 15 limit max is very disappointing.