Lightroom mobile finally let me do photo work on my iPad

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I have added a bunch of feature requests and a bug or two since I’ve been on this forums, but I realized I should probably also tell you what you are doing well.

I’ve been looking for a better way to integrate my iPad into my photo workflow. For personal purposes, I use my iPad more than anything else, but there are three areas that have remained almost entirely as desktop tasks for me: Quicken, file management and cleanup, and photography. Lightroom CC and Mobile have finally made my iPad an almost complete photo solution. There are only a few tasks now that I need my desktop to do related to photography tasks. So, bravo for that. Thanks for doing such great work!
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Posted 2 years ago

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We’d love to know what you’re missing in your iPad workflow :) We (the Lightroom product team) read these forums all the time (even though we don’t always respond), so please do let us know what you’re looking for!
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Okay, since you asked: I already have mentioned that some way to read and open 6K (Panasonic) files and select pictures from it, would be ideal. Unfortunately Panasonic are the only ones (yet) to offer that technology, and so I think this will never happen. iPad would be ideal since it would allow you (or rather "me" to judge the technical quality of those 30+ images of each shot
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I know, and I greatly apprecite it. I was actually on the verge of giving up on Lightroom due to an issue that was not getting resolved from support, until Rikk saw my post here, got me a temporary solution to partly resolve the issue, and told me you guys were working on the bug. I appreciated that enormously; it was good just to know that it was being looked into. and I’m pretty committed now to being part of this forum and trying to help CC grow.

I’ve been adding missing features individually to this forum, so I think most are there, but I’ll try to summarize the key things missing from Lightroom CC for my purposes here:

- Panorama merging (and to a lesser degree HDR)
- Ability to sync back changes from LR to my SmugMug site (previously done via a plugin).
- Auto apply the film simulations that I chose in camera to my images (previous done with a plugin)
- Multiple select (things like paste settings, changing metadata, rotation, apply profiles, etc.)
- Organizing photos is harder on iPad. Ability to multiple select destinations might help (I.e., add a photo or photos to more than one album at the same time)
- Facial recognition (a low priority in my book, it was nice only to help me add tags of people to my photos for family and friends)
- Smart albums. I used these heavily for two main purposes: (1) analysis of my library (seeing number of photos by megapixel, lense, camera, focal length, file type, etc.) and (2) “best of” albums, to see my five starred photos for certain keywords and categories. The former could easily be replaced by analytics instead of Smart Albums, and might even be better that way.
- Ability to recover from errors (particularly when it comes to deleted photos or photos removed from an album. But also being able to go through an edit history on a photo.
- A feeling of security in my organization. This is harder, but basically, in Classic, I knew where all of my originals were because they were organized by subject, not date. I don’t randomly know where my photos are by date. I’ve replicated that structure in albums, but every time there is a problem with CC, it often involves exporting and re-importing the image, which loses the albums the photos is in. Additionally, now there could be photos in CC that are not in any of my organizing albums. So I maintain the originals in a mirrored Lightroom Classic catalog in order to protect them as well as a backup plan should I ever need to leave Lightroom. (I don’t know how I’d export all my photos into a meaningful folder structure and not end up with duplicates and a ton of work to get there). This is perhaps my biggest concern and hesitation with CC. My organization in CC is completely reliant on Adobe’s propriety.
- I think this is an iOS issue, not a Lightroom issue, but the ability to import images directly, rather than having to import them to Photos first
- The RAW + JPEG workflow is also all messed up now. Some of this is, I think, an iOS limitation, but CC doesn’t seem to be able to handle RAW + JPEG pairs. It migrated only the RAW from Classic when I switched, and imports them as separate images now. Though this is a complex issue that goes beyond image editors. Really, I’d love to see a better image format take hold over JPEG. In reality, I don’t need the RAW file, but I’m not crazy about the limitations of JPEG.

Additionally, missing from the Lightroom CC desktop app:
- Ability to quickly show the original image in the Finder (in Classic this was a right click option)
- Pass through to 3rd party editors

And lastly, here are some features Apple’s Photos app has that I’m jealous of
- Easier pass through to and from external editors
- Better integration into iOS (but this is obviously an iOS limitation)

To give you a sense of priorities, here are the two main things I still use Classic for: Merging Panos is probably the biggest thing I still use Classic for. The other thing I use Classic for is as a security blanket to protect my organization, to recover from errors, and as a backup should I ever decide to leave Lightroom CC. And the two biggest things I miss are Smart albums and quick application of film simulations (camera profiles)