Lightroom mobile: Graphical or Image Based Watermarks on images

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When outputting any image from Lightroom mobile directly to any service, the image needs to have, at minimum, a © NAME simple watermark placed upon it. I don't think we need full functionality of the Watermark editor in Lightroom desktop but we do need the minimum functionality of the Simple Watermark in Lightroom's Export dialog. Until there is a way to mark an image, why would anyone consider using LR mobile to post anywhere?

NOTE: The original post was a request for a simple, text based watermark which has been implemented. This thread will continue to be the place to vote for image based watermarks. 
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Posted 5 years ago

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Where is the option for easily adding watermarks to our images export from Lightroom Mobile. Sending out images immediately from a Mobile application is the benefit of mobile for goodness sakes. Not having this options seems to me the application is virtually useless. At least for me it is.
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The suggestion to export and add signatures. You can use the export module to reimport the images back into catalog.  than sync this catalog. Really easy. But my vote is to have this feature.
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Without the ability to add a copyright watermark or at least a name it's not really usable by professional photographers and I would imagine most enthusiasts would want to protect their work.
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Here's a professional photographer who never uses watermarks.

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actually the "full" functionality is required to a certain degree for corporate identity reasons. I won't publish images without he logo known to many of my followers.
The app is quite useless now for me. I can't use it to edit meta data, I can't use it to export and share, I won't use it (due to iPad's limitations in terms of usability) to edit images.
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I just discovered the syncing collection feature with LR 6. I was thrilled as it seemed a great way of offering a preview to clients through the private website link AND have them hot sync their choices to me remotely. The selection process with clients is always a hassle and a way of streamlining it would be seriously helpful to my workflow and business. HOWEVER, I MUST have the option of having my watermark on the images. While I have clients whom I trust not to download and post unedited images, I have many that I don't trust.

Honestly, I really do not care at this point about LR mobile. Its really not a part of my workflow. Thus, I had never discovered this private web link and hotsyncing functionality. I shared my info in a photographer discussion group and they were unfamiliar with it too. THIS is a VERY important feature for pro photographers. Honestly when I stumbled across it, it was the first thing in LR 6 that excited me. PLEASE add it.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Add Option to add watermark when publishing to social network from lightroom mobi....

Lightroom Mobile needs to provide a way to add a water mark when sharing to social networks. I currently must save the picture to a file on my mobile device then use a separate App to add the watermark.
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I just spent 3 days reorganizing my entire photo collection to use with Lightroom Mobile so I can start sharing out my work while on the go, only to find out there is no watermark option.
Why would Adobe send us to an outside app like ArtStudio to do what can easily be done in their app? I just don't get it, Adobe.
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This is definitely a feature that should be in the Lightroom Mobile app.
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export->watermark->reimport->add to collection to sync to mobile->switch to mobile->post on instagram...what a pain.
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I have started rating the product low on the App Store and asking for watermarks there. I encourage everyone else to do this as posting to these forums has gotten no results.
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Great idea!
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Watermark functionality needed asap.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Png logo.

Please please please please with a cherry on top. Add the ability to add png stamp logo on export. This is the only feature keeping me from using the mobile app or web when I can't use the desktop suite.