Lightroom Ecosystem: Graphical & Image Based Watermarks on images

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When outputting any image from Lightroom mobile directly to any service, the image needs to have, at minimum, a © NAME simple watermark placed upon it. I don't think we need full functionality of the Watermark editor in Lightroom desktop but we do need the minimum functionality of the Simple Watermark in Lightroom's Export dialog. Until there is a way to mark an image, why would anyone consider using LR mobile to post anywhere?

NOTE: The original post was a request for a simple, text based watermark which has been implemented. This thread will continue to be the place to vote for image based watermarks. 

Edit: 1/21/2020  - This thread has been changed to represent all three of the Lightroom Ecosystem Clients (Desktop, Web, and Mobile) 

Edit: 5/15/2020 - This thread has been updated to include information on new functionalities. Please see the official post below. 
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Posted 6 years ago

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Official Response
Current Status (06/2020)
  • Desktop - Implemented (Text Based Watermark) Graphic Planned
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad) - Implemented (Text-based watermark) Graphic - Planned
  • Android - Implemented (Text-based watermark) Graphic - Planned
  • Web (on export) - Text and Graphic - Planned
  • Web (when viewing) - Text and Graphic - Under Consideration
  • Sync watermarks between Lightroom Ecosystem Clients: Implemented (Text Based Watermark) Graphic - Planned
This thread will remained in "Planned" status until the remaining clients complete their work on Graphic watermarks