Lightroom mobile (android): Import from external SD card directly

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I want to be able to browse photos on an external SD card reader and import directly to the phone.
Currently, when I plug an SD card adapter into the phone and open Lightroom it sends me an error telling me it needs to re-sync my files, if I manage to work around this and select add photos to a collection, it doesn't offer the external card reader as an option. Instead it offers you a choice of the phone and internal microSD based picture folders. Please give me the ability to add files through the file browser so that I don't have to copy things to the phone in order to then import to lightroom. 
Also please sort out the syncing issue so that plugging an external drive in doesnt intefere with the presence of my offline collections.
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Posted 1 year ago

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+1 . Currently on iPad I have to import from sd card reader to Camera Roll , then import into LM
-I actually have LM set to import new photos automatically , which helps . But LM has to be open to work, it won’t import in the background . - this would be neat.

Also this ends up with 2 copies of my raw files , taking up twice the space .
So I shoot 50gb on a shoot I’ll have 100gb used on iPad
Yes I know I can delete them , However at least I know I can back them up from camera roll if needed by a usb cable and Mac.

One thing to note is as soon as a card is plugged in , IOS opens photos and prompts to import .
So imagine this may be a on IOS thing , but surely adobe coders can get round this .

A tip to speed this up on iPad Pro is .
1. Open LM , set the album / folder to auto import new images from camera roll .
2. Drag photos app onto 2nd app floating screen over LM full window .
3. Plugin card reader and card
4. Start to import to camera roll
5- as soon as images are imported to camera roll , they will be imported into LM .

Otherwise you just use Photos full screen app , you’ll have to wait until they are all imported then , open LM , and only then will LM start to auto import .
And if you leave photos to go to LM early , photos will stop the import while you are not on its app.
So this floating app method works best.
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+1, I want to be able to import on my Chromebook directly from SD card. Not sure why this is not available. Seems pretty basic.