Lightroom: Manually-updated smart collections and using collections as a criteria

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This is a small refinement I'd love to see come to Smart Collections in Lightroom. They're a great tool, but I think there are a few areas that are missing which could really improve their utility. The ideas here are implemented in Apple's iTunes, which is where I got the idea.

The two things I'd love to see are:
  1. An option to disable automatic updating of a smart collection. Basically, define a collection, but only have the photos included in it updated manually. The main reason for this is I would love to have a collection that is "photos from a certain time period which have no adjustments". That would show me all the photos I want to do some processing on. At the moment, I can do this, but the instant I make the first adjustment, the picture disappears from the smart collection. I'd much rather do a bunch of editing and processing on a number of photos, then tell the SC to update. At the moment, what I have to do is make a second, manual collection, copy all the photos to there, do edits, then remove them from that manual collection.
  2. Better selection of a collection when defining smart collection criteria. What I mean is that you can define a criteria for whether a picture is part of an existing collection, but only by the name of that collection. In iTunes, I can make a Smart Playlist which says "song is (or isn't included in the playlist____" and I choose the playlist from a menu. It would be great to have the same option for Smart Collections in Lightroom. That way, if the collection name changes, or there are two with similar names (say "Honeymoon" and "Honeymoon favourites"), you can specify one Collection clearly.
Thanks for any consideration these get. I think they could be really useful additions.
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I like both of these ideas and have wished for the same.  I'd like to add a 3rd idea to this list and that is in the area of referencing Publish Collections as criteria in a Smart Collection.  I'd like to be able to add rules to a Smart Collection that pertain to images in specific Publish Service but also be able to reference any level of folder (album, gallery, destination collection, etc) within an specific Publish Service.  

For example, I have 4 occurrences of a PS (Publish Service)for Zenfolio as well as ones for Flickr, PicassaWeb and Facebook.  Each of these PS's has a hierarchical folder structure mirroring the structure at the web site.  As I tend use the same or very similar structures at each of these, I'ld like to be able to put a rule in a Smart Collection to reference, say the "Yosemite" gallery in the in the "National Parks" set, in the "Public" Publish service for Zenfolio without it paying attention to the "Yosememite" album in the Flickr Publish Service.