Lightroom: I hope that Lightroom can manage multiple layouts in Book module.

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Lightroom: I hope that Lightroom can manage multiple layouts in Book module.
The Book Module is neither good nor bad for editing my own custom book.
(The size of book and templates of layout are limited. So I use Photoshop and Indesign when i work finally.)

But It's nicish for layout of book. just preview.
Sometimes I need to work several photographs at the same time.
If Lightroom manage multiple layouts in Book Module, I can work multiple photographs more efficiently.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Yes. You can create multiple saved books/layouts. Click [Create Saved Book] in the upper right to save a new book.
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Jeffrey, it has been 5 years since Lightroom users have been requesting (pleading) for the ability to create custom book sizes and within that the ability to layout the pages in accordance with their own creative juices.  Being restricted to specific book sizes and having to use templates that don't suit everyone just makes the Book module extremely restrictive and for many of us, who would prefer a complete workflow, very unattractive.  

I'm sure you know what I'm getting at and I'm sure you are aware of the requests for some additional flexibility in the Book Module.  At the moment I cannot put my hand on my heart and recommend new users to Lightroom without telling them that the Book module is very restrictive if there intention for using it is ultimately to create books documenting their journey though life as I want to do.

This product could be so much better with Custom Book size and freedom of layout.

PLEASE Adobe, lets make this the product we all want it to be.  Sure we can use the Print module to create a JPG image in a layout we want but that's another step in the process which slows down the book creative process.  What if we want to have text at an angle? Can't do that either so the image created in Print has to go into Photoshop to add the desired text which is yet another step.

Use Indesign I hear you say.  Not interested.  The Book module could be, with some effort on the Part of the software team, the awesome product it should have been from the outset.

What's in it for Adobe you ask?  Simple, a greater take up of Creative Cloud (Ps & Lr) if people know that they can create gorgeous books simply.  I am a member of a photography club in Perth Western Australia and we encourage members to create books.  No point in having all those images sitting on your disk drive if you don't do something with them.  What better way to show off your adventures by creating a book.  If everyone in our cub was to take up Creative Cloud (Ps & Lr) knowing that books were simple to create, you would have at best over 100 members subscribing to CC.  Multiply that by the number of Photography Clubs in our city then extrapolate that to the rest of Australia and then the rest of the world who all have Photography clubs it makes sense to get this done.

I urge your team to consider our pleas.

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> This product could be so much better with Custom Book size and freedom of layout.>

Sooooo, you want InDesign inside LR, to eschews templates in favor of  full customization? I agree that the book module is way too restricted as is and could use a refresh, though by removing most customization, they have made it easy (yes, that's being a bit sarcastic, but also true).

I love InDesign, but I won't say it's easy to start using. Full allowance for creativity and easy don't tend to go hand in hand yet, although Adobe does appear to be expanding our access to more templates—one way to deal with the current LR restrictions and stay easy, and if well-designed, to satisfy those willing to sacrifice some customization in favor of more types of layouts and book sizes.
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The fact is, that the book module and the faces module is just not professional, period! LR was created as a professional tool for managing RAW photos and developing them. Those modules work fine, although they do have quite a few bugs, and meet a professional level as far as I am concerned.

The book module as well as the faces recognition was added in later versions and has not at all met that level. I use none of those two, because they are just not working for my on the level that I need them to work.

I tried the book module twice and gave up quickly because it was just not meeting my expectations on how to do a book. I have been doing books in iPhoto for years and they are also restricted, but they offer enough different layouts and templates to get a nice book done in a decent amount of time! The current photos also offers enough flexibility for me to do the kind of books I want to do and the printing quality has always been very nice and nothing to complain about.

My workflow for books is to have a collection done and developed in LR, then I export them, import them into Photos and do my book there.

So, the question I ask myself is, how can a company, that markets and sells a professional program, add major features that are hardly up to amateur status? And the book module is out for a while, so there was time to make major improvements, but I don't see that they even touched that module again to improve it.

I am in the photography business for over 30 years and I could make you a long list of things, that are missing or not working for my professional workflow. I doubt that my workflow is very different from other photographers and I wonder what experts Adobe has in their team or as advisors, that they just don't get some things done.

I stated numerous times here, that LR 6 is full of little bugs and we are at version 6.7. I don't have much hope, that this will be sorted out before the next major version will be thrown on us. All I see is that I get more mails from this forum, where people are listing bugs they are having with LR or PS then I do get spam mails!

I think it would help, if Adobe would clearly communicate to their customers, what they are working on right now and what they are planning on implementing in the future. I clearly would favor a bug free version 6.8 or 6.9 that also makes the spotting tool usable again without a five second delay. The latter one was working fine in prior versions of LR.