Lightroom goes into endless loop on regular basis

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Since mid version 4, and now all the way up to 5.7 LR periodically (5 to 10 times a day) goes into an endless loop. While it is looping, one or two instances of "Bezel" come and go on the Windows task bar, the LR icon comes and goes on the task bar, and the main window randomly flips between the prior Windows application I was using and the LR window, which itself randomly shows & hide's pop up messages (such as Rating changed to 1 star), and other GUI components. I have let this continue on occasion for several hours and it never seems to get done with whatever it is doing. Once this starts the only way out is to cancel the process in Task Manager. After cancelling, it I re-launch LR it works fine again - for awhile.

I'm running on Windows/7 Pro, X64. This problem tends to exhibit itself most often when I am doing a rather a lot of metadata changes (star ratings, adding color labels,stacking, un-stacking, and switching among Grid, Compare, and Survey views. Prior to this symptom occurring LR generally slows down in processing commands such as setting several images to 1 star. It most often occurs when going from Grid view to Compare view after metadata changes. For example a sequence like this is typical of the keystrokes I enter just prior to the problem occuring (note that the operation of LR has usually noticeably slowed down in the 3 to 5 minutes prior to this)

- +G to create a collapsed stack of selected images
- "9" to set blue color label to top image on just collapsed stack
- select next set of images in Grid view with Shift or Ctrl + Click method
- "1" key to set 1 star for selected images
- "C" to enter Compare view.

I do these sequences of key strokes in rapid succession, sometimes I have already gotten to the compare view before the "Color label set to blue" and "Star Rating set to 1" pop up info boxes appear. I can do 20 to 30 sets of such keystroke sequences like the above with no problem, Then LR starts to slow down through 2 or 3 more sets of similar keystroke sequences, then at the end of one of them the problem occurs.

Windows/7 pro Service Pak 1
Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @3.40ghz
12.0 gb installed memory
64 bit OS
64 bit LR 5.7

I hope someone from Adobe has some idea about this as it's quite frustrating.

Thanks -- Dan
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Posted 4 years ago

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I'm seeing very similar behavior in LR 6.0.1 also on Window/7 64bit, but I have only 8GB of memory. My catalog has about 105,000 images in it. I never saw this sort of looping behavior in v4 (I skipped v5). It typically happens when Lightroom is using around 3G of private memory. But has worked fine when it is up over 4. I can't predict when it will go loopy, but I am doing a lot of geotagging for a recent 3 week trip.
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i am having this issue as well....Newest install of lightroom 6, windows 8, GeForce GTX 660, i5 3.2 ghz...makes the program unusable.....there are loads of complaints about this topic (most are YEARS old) with NO answers.....may need to move to another product.