LIGHTROOM Feature Suggestion: FULL Exposure Correction OR all BASIC corrections in Library Module - et al

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I really love lightroom, no matter how many hype-kids think other software would be better just because it looks fancy...
Nonetheless LR really needs improvement and development...
I dont know whats possible without rewriting essential code from the ground up.
BUT ...

One of my suggestion is, that LIGHTROOM really should be MORE MODULAR...
My first and foremost objective is to convince you adobe guys... to rethink the:
AD-HOC Developing in the Library Module/Face...

Uhm... ACTUALLY.. there should or could sit the full grown "BASIC" panel.
I mean somehow it is a very good idea that you not have to pull an incy wincy slider but instead press some buttons that are somewhat larger than those little sliders.
 But in the end... there are situations where one would like to fine-tune the settings and want to see what values exactly are set...

So my suggestion is here:
That you make it possible for the "BASIC"-panel to appear in the library module but add the possibility to switch to simpler controls (buttons) like the ones you would have in the current "AD-Hoc"-panel...
OR! -- you just put the "BASIC"-panel  in place of the "AD-HOC"-panel that one currently can see in the Library module... but with way better controls for the settings...

I mean there are endless possibilities ... like knobs that dont react that directly  but response with some "inertia" to when you want to turn them by clicking and draggin them with the mouse...
Another possibility would be that you make it possible to "fine tune" settings when the user hovers the mouse pointer over the slider or the value and then uses the scroll wheel of the mouse to change settings....
Another approach that other software already has implemented, would be to alt-and middle click or only middle click the value or slider and then a "fine-tuning curve" appears in a small square shaped window, where you can modify only smallest possible numbers (0,?) of the value...

IMHO the possiblities are nearly really endless to improve on user experience in changin values...
and you should just make SOMETHING to make it a bit better than it is now.

and when you have done that, it would be really cool to have the "BASIC"-panel in the library-module.
I also wanted to add... that the "Sharpening" tool most likely is really one of the most BASIC tools for everybody...
And so it would also make sense to me to put the "sharpen"-panels settings right between "Tone" and "Presence" in the "BASIC"-panel.

If you give us the full functionality of the "BASIC"-panel in the AD-HOC-panel of the library-module...
PLZ, PLZ, i am beggin you on my knees, do something about "Preset"-nonsense...
make it go AWAY... DELETE that feature! or make it possible to hide it!
(i dont want to go into deep into what MODULARITY means and if it wouldnt be possible to exchange (move around freely) panels or panels in sections...
I somehow loved the Idea of "Presets" to make fast alterations to recently imported RAWs...
I really liked it...
But it should be called "Actions" and it should work like "Actions" and not like presets...
thing is... I am pretty sure those "PRESETS" just make predefined settings and apply them to a picture/file "NO MATTER WHAT" and any setting that was made previously to this picture is GONE!!
When i say, i want an "ACTION" (for example) for sharpening, and i click "Action"->"Sharpen"->"Strong" ... that should just add to the sharpening value that was already set before...
I mean you maybe could or better "should" keep the presets too.
But you should really give us an Option to switch between:
... as much as it would make sense to let us switch from "normal" AD-Hoc-panel to a
"full control" AD-Hoc panel(BASIC)...

thank you for reading, but,

.... the sharpening-algorithm is based on some kind of strange and very callously implemented high-pass filter adding approach. THAT IS SO BAD that something like this comes from you adobe.
This should be way better.
You can say what you want about Microsoft, but one has really got to admit that the "Sharpening"-algorithm of the Windows Application "Microsoft Photos".. is superb compared to the sharpening approach of Lightroom.
And this is a point where you really should care a lot more about... enhancing and fostering the features that are already there instead of adding adding adding and ADDING a multitude of features to your products that most likely only a very small to tiny percentage of adobe clients will EVER use.

So if you have gotten this far with reading, I want to say thank you for taking care, and even if you have other ideas for improvement...
Just do it... there is lots of space for IMPROVING what is already there, so do it: IMPROVE. 
And give up on "adding". plz
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  • a bit annoyed but still quite OK.

Posted 1 year ago

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Thank you for your suggestions. 

Understand that the Ad-hoc or Quick Develop Panel is not a replacement for or a reduced-functionality version of the Develop module Basic Panel.  The Quick Develop panel is the only place in Lightroom were relative adjustments are possible and to many images at once.  Replacing it with the Basic panel would break the workflow for many users. 

  • In Develop take 2 images and adjust the first to Exposure +.5 and the second to +1.0
  • Now, in Grid view, Quick Develop panel, select both images and adjust the Exposure up [ > ] or .33 by clicking the button once.
  • You now have exposure values of .833 and 1.333 respectively.
No where else in Lightroom (Auto-sync, Presets, Copy/Paste) can you provide relative adjustments without wiping out the existing value of the previous adjustments.  This feature, as implemented, is very powerful once you understand how and when to use it. 

As a side note, feature requests are better made on a one feature per post basis. This allows us to aggregate many similar requests giving them more weight and allows users to vote for and respond to specific requests rather than parsing several in a single post.  Consider breaking out your other request (Sharpening) into a separate post. 
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Rikk is correct.  Quick Develop changes are Relative to the exisitng valus (i.e. add or subtract a certain amount to/from the existing setting) whereas changes in the Basic Panel are absolute adjustments (reset the setting to a new value regardless of the previous setting).   Fundamentally different.

Rikk is correct in that Quick Develop is applied to all selected images (in the grid view) simultaneously.  However you actually can do the same thing in the Develop Module by turning on "Auto Sync" in which case any develop module change you make will be applied to all selected images (very dangerous as if you forget to turn it off you will be making future changes to many more images than you think you are).

Another thing that Rikk neglected to mention, is that changes you make in the develop module are placed in the History panel so you can revert to different prior states of the image and you can also see what adjustments you have made to an image.  Changes you make using Quick Develop do not go into the history panel so you can't see the olist of changes you made in that panel and can't revert back to prior states other then remembering what you did and then doing the opposite.

Intermingling both of these (Basic Panel and Quick Develop Panel) in one panel group  I think would amount to a great deal of confusion.  And eliminating either one would be a great reduction of functionality and would anger a large number of users.
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Rikk is correct in not mentioning it, changes made in Library DO show in History.  I clicked all the edit options in Library and this was shown in History

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Wow.  I stand corrected.  I know when I tested this many versions ago (maybe LR4 or LR5, Quick Develop changes did not show up in history.  
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I wonder if my old test was faulty or Adobe fixed this omission at some point along the way