Lightroom export location: export to a folder relative to the location of the original photo

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In addition to the three current "export location" / "export to" options, I would like a fourth option called "Relative folder". Every time I go on a shoot, I organize my photos in exactly the same way. I create a folder for the shoot. Inside that folder is one called "raw", and another one called "processed" Inside the "processed" folder are two more folders, called "tiff" and "jpg".

So, all my original RAW photos are ALWAYS in a folder called "raw", and I ALWAYS want to export my processed images to the associated "tiff" folder, which ALWAYS has this relative path from the "raw" folder:


As it now stands, every time I work on the photos from a different shoot, I have to remember to change the location of the exported images, even though it is ALWAYS the same, relative to the location of the RAW photos I'm processing. This gets to be a real hassle if I am working on multiple projects at the same time.

If my suggestion were to be implemented, I would never (or rarely) have to change the export location, because it would always be correct relative to the images I'm working on. This does not seem like a hard feature to implement, and I'm sure others would find it very useful as well. Please consider my suggestion and implement it as soon as possible! Thanks!
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Posted 5 years ago

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I would love this feature. What i currently do as work around is i export to same location as original.
I have created a simple script that's only purpose is to move the image to the relative location to its current location.
I then set the post-pocessing to "Open in Other Application" and point it at the script.

It works but the relative location would be much better.
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So instead of having your master photos in the root folder and having the derivatives in subfolders, your master photos are in a peer folder of your derivative photos and you need to use .. in the path to jump up and back down to the peer folder.

It seems like you could just put your master photos in the root folder and things would work fine for you, or is there some other reason you need all the photos in peer folders, like something else is in the root folder?
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No, there is nothing else in the root folder for that shoot, just the three subfolders I described in my original post. Although I prefer having my RAW files in a separate subfolder rather than in the root folder, your suggestion would work fine. However, a "relative folder" option would still be nice, and would be useful for other users as well. In the meantime, I'll have to give your suggestion a try and see how it works for me. Thanks!
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Thanks a lot for your post, Brian Byrd!

This is a very basic feature that every professional software has. I've switched from darktable to Lightroom and I am very disappointed to see that this is not possible! Export to "../" in "Subfolder" or in special filename are replaced by "_"
This is a must-have for professional software and very easy to implement! Please do this, Lightroom dev team!

my Folder structure mainly is:

For jpegs:
/somewhere on my NAS/photos/year/year-cameramodel/

For Raws:
/somewhere on my NAS/photos/year/year-cameramodel/raw/

Because i take pictures with more than one type of cameras I have to switch the export location on every export. I'd like to be able to use a general export location that works for all my camera models.

To use Subfolders does not make sense to me because the raw files I don't want to find immediately, the raw files are for editing purposes to me, the jpegs for everyone who has network access to look at.
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Yes please implent.

I have posted a similar request here:
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Aye, some of this please !

If my photos are in /photos/macro/2017-09/RAW, I'd like my export-location to go to ../JPEG, so they end up in /photos/macro/2017-09-/JPEG.

This makes it easier to view, at a glance, either all the RAW or JPEG without using smart filters etc. It's also useful for my export presets as they will automatically drop at a level parallel to the source file. Simple fix, you could just allow "../JPEG" as the subfolder. As it is, you disallow special characters...
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What Andrew said. I too keep JPEG and RAW files separate, and it sure would be nice to be able to do that without taking a bunch of extra manual steps...