Lightroom: Renamed File List on Export

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Lightroom Enhancement Request: Renamed File List on Export

Something I would find very useful... In the export dialog box when the "File Naming, Rename To" checkbox is selected, enable an option to have a text file created in the export file location which translates between image name and the output file name.

When exporting for an event, I like to rename ABCD1234 to a name which includes the event, class within the event, and a sequence number. It makes it easier to keep things organized when uploading to an online gallery.

The problem this causes is the reverse translation when a client selects an image... They select something like GRCGC_SAT_NJWW_0001, which requires a manual process to determine it's image ABCD1498.

I realize a work-around would be to rename the images within LR, but that makes it more difficult to not duplicate imports from the memory card, etc.

What I'd really like to see is a text file which shows the renaming applied during export. For instance:

Image Name Export File Name
---------- ----------------
D:\Photos\2015-05-31 GRCGC\NJWW\ABCD1498 D:\Exports\GRCGC\SAT\GRCGC_NJWW_0001
D:\Photos\2015-05-31 GRCGC\NJWW\ABCD1499 D:\Exports\GRCGC\SAT\GRCGC_NJWW_0002
D:\Photos\2015-05-31 GRCGC\NJWW\ABCD1499 Copy 1 D:\Exports\GRCGC\SAT\GRCGC_NJWW_0003

If determining the column widths causes a problem due to long directory names, I could live with dropping the path portion of the filename, or converting the output file to a CSV file:

Image Name,Export File Name
D:\Photos\2015-05-31 GRCGC\NJWW\ABCD1498,D:\Exports\GRCGC\SAT\GRCGC_NJWW_0001
D:\Photos\2015-05-31 GRCGC\NJWW\ABCD1499,D:\Exports\GRCGC\SAT\GRCGC_NJWW_0002
D:\Photos\2015-05-31 GRCGC\NJWW\ABCD1499 Copy 1,D:\Exports\GRCGC\SAT\GRCGC_NJWW_0003

It seems like it would be a fairly easy thing to implement.

Anyone else interested in this enhancement?
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Lost some formatting on previous message, but you get the idea.