Lightroom: Edit Capture Time doesn't preserve fractional seconds

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The Edit Capture Time command doesn't preserve fractional seconds when shifting the time of multiple photos. For example, if you select a batch of photos taken with "continuous shooting", e.g. at a sporting event, and then use Edit Capture Time to shift their time by 60 minutes, the fractional seconds of each photo will be dropped and the photos will no longer be correctly ordered by capture time.

To reproduce, take several photos that were all shot within the same second with the continuous-shooting option of the camera. LR will correctly transfer the capture time into their .xmp sidecars:

[XMP] Date/Time Original : 2011:05:13 18:32:44.51
[XMP] Date/Time Original : 2011:05:13 18:32:44.52
[XMP] Date/Time Original : 2011:05:13 18:32:44.53

Then select those photos and invoke Edit Capture Time. Use either the "Adjust to a specified date and time" or the "Shift by set number of hours" option to shift the time by 1 hour. Observe that the fractional seconds in the sidecars is now dropped:

[XMP] Date/Time Original : 2011:05:13 19:32:44
[XMP] Date/Time Original : 2011:05:13 19:32:44
[XMP] Date/Time Original : 2011:05:13 19:32:44

And the photos will no longer sort correctly by capture time in the Library.

This bug is easy to fix simply by doing the time adjustment with floating-point calculations, rather than integer.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Yeah / oops..

Hopefully this will be fixed in Lr6, and not deferred until Lr9..

In the mean time, this may be a good enough reason to use exiftool directly, or a script/plugin which calls it, to do the job.

If anybody has problems finding such a script or plugin, I can offer more help ;-).

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Official Response
Thanks, John. I am able to reproduce this problem, and I have entered it in our bug database.

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It would be a real treat if you fixed this. And also added fractional seconds to the renaming-templates. How else am I supposed to rename my photos with a timestamp to the right order?
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Still exists in LR 6.0.1 / OS X 10.10.3.
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Yeah, this is BIG problem. I shoot sequences using the burst mode of my camera, and when I adjust the timing using Lightroom, they are all out of order. This is extremely frustrating for my workflow as a race and wedding photographer.

Real Life Example: Tried to photograph and adjust a sequence like a bride is walking down aisle. After adjusting - She is at the top of the aisle. Now, she is in the front, then the back, then the middle, middle, top, front.

Photographing a Race Example: Winner crosses the finish line. After adjusting - Crosses the line. In front of the line, after the line, before the line, after the line, after the line, crossing the line.

How is this still an issue in the 6th release of software?!
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Me ro - getting very frustrating when using a pair of cameras, and one is being used remotelyremotly - I know they shot at the smae time, but my sequences are really, really messed up
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This is still an issue in Lightroom 2015.6.1

Come on Lightroom team, two years! You can do this!