Lightroom: Develop filmstrip context menu incorrectly shows "Save Metadata To File" rather than "Files"

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The context menu for a filmstrip thumbnail in Develop sometimes shows Metadata > Save Metadata To File rather than Save Metadata To Filewhen multiple photos are selected.

To reproduce:

1. In Develop, select multiple photos in the filmstrip.

2. Right-click one of the selected photos and roll the mouse over Metadata.  Observe that Save Metadata To Files is shown.

3. While the context menu is still showing, move the mouse over another selected photo.

4. Right-click that photo and roll the mouse over Metadata. Observe that Save Metadata To File is shown, not Files

5. Hit escape to close the context menu.

6. Right-click the same photo as in step 4, and observe that Save Metadata To Files is now shown.

See this screen recording:

See this thread for the original report:

CC 2015.8, OS X 10.12.3
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Posted 2 years ago

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In addition, while in Develop with multiple photos selected, the Photo menu always shows Save Metadata To File with Auto-Sync disabled, even though the context menu shows Save Metadata To Files (usually).
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The first time I noticed file and not files in the Library Module, was only very recently. A friend came around with his new Macbook Pro with latest Mac OSX Sierra and Lightroom CC. I had my laptop with the latest version of Mac OSX Sierra  but my Lightroom CC was one or two versions older.


We both selected all images using the film strip in the Lightroom module. On my computer I was offered files, on his computer he was only offered FILE, however, later on in the tuition using the same select all images in the film strip, FILES showed up on his MacBook.


As soon as I upgaded Lightroom on my Macbook Pro I suffered file only.


Also, frustratingly, for many years in the Develop module if I selected all images in the film strip, it wouldn't offer files and only apply matadata to xmp on the main image selected - something I was well aware of but under time pressure occassionally forgot until I noticed the metadata progress bar on several hundred images didn't appear!


I am mot sure when this changed (appears more recently) but files are now offered in the Develop Module using the film strip via either Menu-Bar> Photo>Save Metadata to files (or cmd+S), or ctrl cliicking to access METADATA > save metadata to files.


This is most welcome as there is nothing more frustrating when you under pressure to get images wired if you have to go in and out of Develop Modules, i.e Develop to Library and back.


When the engineers work on the file/files issue I sincerley hope that they we will NOT revert back to saving metadata to file only in the Develop Module, denying users the ability to save metedata to multiple files in the Develop module would be a backward step.
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Nick, have you upgraded to 2015.9, and if so, do you still observe inconsistent behavior?
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I am unable to duplicate this in CC2015.9 on 10.12.3.  Can you still reproduce this?
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I can't reproduce it on CC 2015.9 / OS X 10.12.3 either.  I went to the same test catalog and the same selection of pics as in the screen recording, but it doesn't occur.  Thanks for checking.