Lightroom: Desaturate Highlights and Shadows

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In retouching there are many times when the highlights (or shadows) are contaminated by colours that should not be there. An example would be interior shots where different light sources were used (say daylight and tungsten), or where a wide angle lens has caused magenta/green shading on a white wall. It would be incredibly helpful to be able to select highlights/midtones/shadows and selectively adjust saturation. If, say, the split-toning slider could slide to the left to decrease saturation that would do the job!
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Posted 3 years ago

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I want to second this.  Another example is during weddings. The white dress often picks up blue from sky or yellow from warming filters.  It would be nice to be able to desaturate just the highlights without desaturating the overall color. 
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Let's categorize this under "Keep Dreaming"
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom: Independent saturation control for shadows, mids and hightlights.

I want to be able to control the saturation of shadows, mids and highlights separately, or using a luminance/saturation curve. Davinci Resolve does it ( as well as other high end colour grading tools.
This would be a really useful and efficient addition for me and I suspect a lot of LR users for correcting saturation imbalances in different luminance ranges as well as creating some beautiful looks, without having to use local adjustments or export to PS with all the added time and storage space that involves.

Obviously I can use a brush with a saturation adjustment, but to do that for many images is very inefficient if what I really want is just to adjust saturation in shadows say (without affecting contrast - could just use curves if I wanted to change contrast along with saturation), especially if I want to do the same thing for a set of images under similar lighting. 

The way I imagine it working is as a standard saturation control but effectively masked with a curve for a particular luminance range. Could be fixed curves for shadow, mid, highlight, or probably even better a user editable luminance/saturation curve.
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I’m a colorist use this feature all the time in Davinci Resolve. My wife is a wedding photographer and when I mentioned that she should mess with her saturation based of luminance and desaturate the shadows she told me Lightroom didn’t have that capibility and sure enough it doesn’t! I was trying to find a feature request form and I was just directed to the forum. It blows my mind this is not a feature. Come on adobe let’s add this ASAP.
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Couldn't agree more. Please give it to us Lightroomies.
The option to set the tone curve to saturation could also be a good option.
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You should now be able to do this with a local adjustment tool and a range mask.
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Thanks Johan, that works like a charm!
For a global adjustment you can just put a very short graduated filter just outside of the picture.
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Hello, Johan! WOuld you be so kind to elaborate a bit on this? 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom: Adjust saturation only in shadows.

This requires stepping out of the raw workflow and into Photoshop to create a luminance mask and adjusting from there. This very common process should be integrated into Lightroom.