Lightroom Classic: Creates unwanted sub-folder on import

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When I import photo's (from an SD card) into an existing or new folder, LR will always create a sub-folder inside the folder I choose with the name of a folder I have used in an earlier import. I know LR will create sub-folders with the year and import date, but that is not what I mean. Say I want to import my photos to a folder called "Test". It doesn't matter if that is an existing or a new folder. So I check the photo's I want to import, choose the folder "Test" and click "Import". After it's finished importing, the folder structure shows:
   BBQ GGG 2016 (which is a folder name I've used before on another import)

The sub-folder BBQ GGG 2016 is utter nonsens. So after each import I have to drag the 2016-mm-dd folder to the root folder and delete the erroneous folder.
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Posted 4 years ago

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In the Destination panel of the Import dialog, do you have the "Into Subfolder" checkbox checked?  That would cause the behavior you're describing, if I'm understanding what you're saying correctly.  Uncheck that box and you should be fine.  (Lr will still organize by date without the box checked.)

If that's not it...

What version of Lr and what operating system are you using?
Can you post some screenshots of your import dialog settings and the Folder panel after you do an import?
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Hi Tom.
This option no longer exists in latest versions of Lightroom CC.
However it has retained the last value used in previous versions and constantly creates an extra subfolder for all my imports. There's no way from the dialog to stop it from doing this, so I wondered if you knew where this preference was stored?

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This checkbox should still exist. Can you show us a screenshot of your Destination panel please Olivier?
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Hey Victoria, thanks for your reply.
Actually thanks to you, yes, I found it!
It's "hidden" in the minimized view of the dialog (sorry, French):

I had never seen/used this before and the checkbox/input is not in the larger view at all, so it's quite misleading :\

Anyway, problem solved, thanks!
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Hi Guys,
Same problem here, while seeing Olivier answer I was happy to get the solution but I'm not able to find any possibilities to switch the view of the dialog.Can anybody help me in this?
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You are trying to Import the files to an SD card!
This is not an acceptable location for your files.
Choose a Folder Destination on your hard-drive.

What do you see in the Destination Panel (lower right) that is not shown in your screen-clip.
If you do not see a Destination Panel- [Right-Click] on another panel Header (Apply During Import) and click on [Show All] to enable all panels visible.
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I created a sub folder last night with 1400 pictures. when complete LR said there were 0 pictures.  But there were in fact pictures.  I moved them out to another folder and the results the # of pictures were -1400  weird
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Show us a screen capture of your Import dialog featuring Destination panel settings and we will see if we can diagnose where you are getting the extra folder from. 
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Hi Tom, you are exactly right. I accidentally had the checkbox checked and the name of the "ghost" sub folder was in there. This is certainly something to be aware of. I would expect settings like this to be reset on a new import. It is easily overlooked. Thanks for your help
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I am having this same problem in Lightroom CC "Classic"  (ie the "classic" online version), and I most certainly do not see any "create subfolder" checkbox anywhere in the import dialog.  I created the subfolder which self-generates every time I do an import 18 months ago!  Cannot see how to stop this behavior.  Help, please!
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Can you post a screenshot of your import screen?