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Some of my people keywords were ordinary keywords and some were person keywords. I decided it would be easier to give them more structure if they were all person keywords. So I found a couple of the long hierarchies and told it to convert them to person keywords. Instead of converting them to person keywords, it deleted them entirely! Serious and time-consuming to fix.

A few thoughts that may help. Naturally it might be simply a straight bug. I haven't tried it again to test since I've been too busy trying to rebuild the database.

However there is another possibility that may have caused it. There appeared to be no feedback as to when the conversion process was done. Seeing no feedback, I assumed that it only set the indicator on the keywords, which would be a very fast process. Fairly quickly I saw the highest level of the hierarchy in the Other Keywords list with no keywords underneath it, so I assumed it was done. So I deleted those orphaned levels since they were no longer needed. Then I looked in the People Keyword hierarchy and none of the converted keywords were there! I am wondering if perhaps it was doing something  more complex than merely putting an indicator in the keyword, thus perhaps it was not finished when I deleted the keywords and I unknowingly caused the problem. I don't think so, or there would have still be keywords under that top level hierarchy, but one never knows. If this were to be the case, however, it might be helpful to have a progress indicator and/or some kind of warning.

Or, perhaps deleting what appeared to be an orphaned heading caused the problem because perhaps the people keywords were still under it, but didn't appear in the list because I was looking at the Other list, and if I had gone to the People list I would have seen them -- though I'm not sure if that is the case but that I might have seen the converted keywords appearing by themselves without the top of the hierarchy that was still in the people list, in which case I'd likely have deleted them anyway, not knowing. If so, there may be a user interface issue.

Or perhaps it is simply a straight bug. Either way it is a serious one since recovering the lost keywords is a tedious process.

I'm doing this from memory but that should be substantially accurate. Hope the thoughts are helpful. The people keyword type is a great addition but naturally at this point I am very leery of it.
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  • frustrated because of the time it has cost and the complexity of correcting it.

Posted 3 years ago

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