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Zooming in Lightroom is extremely confusing, but that is a separate topic. This post is specifically about button pixels.

Mostly I either want to zoom to fit or zoom 1:1, and I use the buttons above the navigator window to do this.

But if I miss the text of a zoom button by even one pixel, instead the view of the Navigator window is toggled. So now my learned behavior is: click full of hope on the 1:1 button, wait a noticeable amount of time to see if the navigator window disappears, if it does then click in exactly the same spot once more to make it reappear, move the mouse with extreme care to be right above the letters "1:1" or "FIT", click again full of hope.

Can you please make the buttons' active areas include the entire rectangle around the text, without any pixels in between that would affect the navigator pane visibility.

To put it another way, if I click anywhere between "FIT and "FILL" or between "FILL" and "1:1" then I should only get zoom activity, not pane-visibility activity.

If I want to change the navigator pane visibility, which is just about never, then I can click on the little arrow specifically for that purpose.

I have loads of other problems with zooming, but I don't want to confuse this particular issue. Okay: one more thing. I don't like it if I hit "1:1" twice then it zooms out to Grid View. Why should it do that? I hit the button twice often enough, because the UI is so generally unresponsive that I am never sure if my action has been noticed.

This on Windows 10.

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There are other quicker ways to toggle between the Fit view and your last zoom-in view (1:1 or the popup menu selection):

1. Single click on the loupe image to toggle
2. Press the Space bar to toggle temporarily.
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Thanks! I didn't know about the space bar. I also now use the 'z' keystroke.

But I am filing these reports as a newbie in hopes that you will make the program easy to use at first acquaintance, instead of a long learning curve of work-arounds.

My suspicion is that Lua reimplements widgets like buttons, sliders, dialogs, listboxes, and trees from the bitmap level up, instead of using the platform's native widgets. That would explain why the button active area is just the text bounding box instead of the full rectangle, and why the user interface is comparatively slow.
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If I could vote 10 times for the request to limit the close/open Navigator toggle to just the active area around the triangle, I would (and I've been using LR since v5 in 2014). I also find myself unintentionally hiding the Navigator panel when I'm trying to click on the miniscule FIT control.

To me, the design logic should be that you give more active clickable space (unsure what you call the zone for which a click leads to a programmed action) to what the average/most users would need to click on more often. For this reason, albeit basing my opinion on a sample of one (i.e. myself), I need to click on the zooming in/out controls on the top right of the Navigator panel significantly more times than I'd ever need to click on the control to show/hide the Navigator panel itself.

Since we have the Solo panel control setting (which allows panels to automatically collapse when we select another panel above/below it) and the ability to easily scroll up/down panels, why would anybody need to have such a relatively large active zone to show/hide the Navigator panel, and limit the zoom controls to 1/15th the space. Won't it be better, instead, to spread out the FIT, FILL, and other zoom controls along the top of the Navigator panel so each can have a larger, more user-friendly active click zone?..
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PLEASE find a copy of Aperture and do zooming like Apple did it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

This is another example of where Adobe ignored a superior experience for users and went with a lousy, no good, really bad UI instead.

While we are at it, changing zoom levels should NEVER toggle view modes (loupe vs grid.) Yeah, it does that in a dual-display setup. VERY VERY annoying and shall I say, stupid design.
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I've identified a bug and I'm having some frustrating issues with the Navigator pane. If you accidentally click anywhere in the area I shaded red in the snapshot below, it closes the navigator pane. Very annoying while trying to edit and change between zoom ratios quickly. Additionally, you cannot click the word "Navigator" to re-open the thumbnail pane; you have to click the drop down arrow if you've already moved your mouse away from the space you clicked by mistake. The reason it is likely a bug or poor programing issue is because you can click on the word of the other panes and they'll drop down.... but the navigator pane- NO DICE. Why is it I cannot lock the navigator pane? How on Earth is that not an option? There should be a button right next to the word "Navigator" that allows me to lock this pane to stay open. Completely blows my mind that, as of yet, that is not an option.  WHHHHHYYYY???

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Clicking on the word Navigator is working here just like the other panels. You may need to update Video/Mouse drivers to their latest manufacturer's versions. Failing that, a preference reset is probably in order. 
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Re: Clicking on the Navigator text and no action, this has been reported previously in this thread:

The issue affects both the Navigator and Histogram panels.

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This works correctly on Lr9.1 and macOS 10.14.6 for me.