Lightroom Classic: Should be able to Sync full raw files to the cloud, not just smart previews

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Lightroom Classic, like Lightroom CC (what a confusion this naming causes!) should be able to upload full raw files to the cloud and not just smart previews. This is clearly a missing feature. This is especially handy if you mainly use Lightroom Classic because of its much more powerful editing and ability to actually print but would love to edit the full image from other machines.
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Posted 2 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Allow Lightroom Classic to upload full resolution raw to the Cloud.

For a long time now, I've been hoping Adobe would allow Lightroom to upload full resolution raw files to the cloud as a backup location, gallery, and with ability to edit. Adobe finally answered my wishes - but at a cost. Lr-Classic has the power I want, but STILL cannot upload full resolution photos to the cloud. Is it a difficult thing to enable/allow Lr to sync actual folders? 

Instead I've found I can upload photos through Lr-CC - and when I open Lr-Classic, guess what... it DOWNLOADS THE FULL RESOLUTION PHOTOS BACK TO MY COMPUTER. So 1 photo session might have 2gb worth of data. This brilliant setup means I need to upload 2gb through Lr-CC, and then have another 2gb downloaded again through Lr-Classic. I'm left with double the internet data usage, and duplicated photos on my computer thus taking up twice the space! Genius! 

Furthermore, Lr-Classic decides to ignore the Folder/Album setup in Lr-CC, and just lists all the Albums in alphabetical order as Collections, while dumping the physical files into one giant "mobile" folder under hard-drive. 

So my request is, allow Lr-Classic to upload FULL-RESOLUTION RAW files to the Lr-Cloud instead of smart previews. 
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I am shocked that Adobe has not developed this functionality in the last update with the "new" Lightroom. Without uploading of the originals to the cloud "Edit with..." functionality in the Lightroom Classic is useless! And, what is pretty "fun" too, this functionality is completely absent in the new Lightroom. So, the workflow is completely broken — I can't easily edit in other application from the Lightroom CC because I will not have access to the original without my filesystem (guys, are you sure that you know what the "cloud" is?), and I can't simply edit from the new Lightroom just because it doesn't have such functionality, so I need to open in Photoshop, save as TIFF, open in the other editor... Applauses, you've just changed one click into the hell-that's-a-lot-of-clicks.