Lightroom Classic not syncing full res photos to CC

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I usually edit my shoots in LR Classic, but having an iPad pro I want to use LR CC when I'm not at home, so I am trying to understand how to properly sync the two apps. In classic I have created a 'trial' collection and sync seemed working properly.. but looking at the space available, there where still 20 out of 20 gb. I opened LR CC both on pc and ipad and I could actually see the collection and the pictures, but in the cloud there are only smart previews.

If I create a new collection in CC, it properly uploads RAW files, but in this way I have to import pictures from my drive and not from lightroom cc (so I guess that any edit on Classic would not be seen on CC - I'm not using xmp files)
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Yes, that's how it works. You can't upload full size originals from Classic to the CC storage, you can only do that from the CC versions.

Trying to use both apps is a path to a lot of painful problems, as I have found out myself.

Have a search around, there are many discussions about this, but it can get quite complicated trying to use both Lightroom CC and Classic together. Not everything syncs both ways, and it can be all too easy to accidentally delete images or lose lots of work.

XMP files don't matter, they are only useful for local apps (such as between Lightroom Classic and Bridge).

Edits are synced if the images are synced though. Even if you edit the Smart Previews, the edits will show up in Classic. Other things do not sync though, such as Keywords and People (or Faces), similarly with collection sets and folders, only collections and albums sync, you have to manually file them into sets and folders.

If at all possible, it's much better if you can ditch Classic and switch entirely to Lightroom CC. I haven't been able to myself, as there is just too much missing.

Good luck.
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Thank you for your reply Andy. I can't switch entirely to CC since, as you said, ther is too much missing... If cc had all the possibilities of Classic, I would try and learn, but at this stage CC could be justĀ  a good support to Classic.

Maybe one of the main problem is that I haven't migrated my catalog in CC, but I don't want to do this because it would produce too many problems: my entire library would be duplicated (maybe I'm wrong but according to adobe support it seems that cc replicates files if I decide to have also local copy of the pictures..), all my pictures would go in the cloud.. but I don't want this. I want to choose which pictures I need stored on the cloud.

I know I can edit smart previews as well, but in case I want to export a jpeg on the go, this would have limited resolution...

In my opinion this is a transition period, but to help people move to CC, there must be a big step forward.
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I'm pretty much in the same situation as yourself Andrea. I want the features of Lightroom Classic, as well as the CC storage and syncing of Lightroom CC, but there seems no easy way of working between the two so that you can work with originals in both.

There are ways to do it I guess, but nothing that's easily automated I think.

Of course Adobe do make it clear that it's not intended that you use both apps in any serious fashion. Although they do add some syncing features, they're not really entirely useful.

As you say, if you do want to store originals in the cloud, and work in Classic, you end up with two complete sets of stored originals (three if you include cloud storage, local storage and Classic storage), but you have to work from CC to Classic as a workflow.

I did try that myself, and ended up accidentally losing a few thousand images from the libraries.

All I do now is use Classic as my main workflow, and only use Lightroom CC to manage and organise my cloud folder/album layout. If I take any photos on my iPhone, I sync those to Classic, then delete them from the phone, and then sync back from Classic again. It's a right old fudge, and you lose a lot of other benefits with only having Smart Previews uploaded, but I just try to live with the current limitations.

I have a huge list of things that are missing from CC, but for a start I want to see Collections Set syncing, external editor capability, and virtual copies enabled in CC before I can consider switching to it again.

Personally I think the idea of using two different applications is terrible, especially as there are so many 'gotcha's' involved. It would have been better, I think, to have either evolved 'Classic' into a better CC tool along with its existing feature set, or to have developed Lightroom CC as a viable replacement - at the moment, looking at the development timeline so far, it's going to be years before that happens.

All the best.
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