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So with the release of the new Lightroom CC I was super excited to look at the new interface. It's really one of my favorite designs. It's something that we creatives and artists look forward to. Maybe I can speak for all of us when I say we'd love to work in a very nice,clean, updated and simple area like anyone else would. That's what Lightroom CC is to me.

However, I can't say the same for Lightroom Classic CC. I am absolutely in love with the fact that Adobe is listening and finally speeding up Lightroom. We love the classic (pro) features that comes with it but I think we may be tired of the classic design. I totally wouldn't mind using Lightroom CC but as a wedding photographer there are several features I need from the classic version.

So my question is, can Lightroom Classic CC get an interface lift? I really think you can work on getting Lightroom Classic to look 2017-ish. 

There are a few things (and also reasons) I'd like to see in an updated interface for the classic:
  • Make better use of space - For us traveling photographers we don't always have the pleasure of working on a desktop display. For some of us we are using pretty small laptop displays and would love to work on our images at a larger size. So with that being said, I think Lightroom Classic CC can go on a diet and free up some of the useless space for our images. I always feel like the modules and text areas to be a bit obtrusive. I would like a slimmer, sleek design. Kind of like Lightroom CC
  • Lightroom CC makes Lightroom Classic CC look kind of ancient. We love new and shiny things without compromise of function.
  • Photoshop and Illustrator looks like updates programs. Lightroom Classic CC really looks like a sore thumb to these.
  • It would be nice for the HSL to be included when using the brush tool. An example of this would be changing the hue of the oranges in a shirt without affecting the oranges in skin.
  • I'd love for the healing brush to behave fast and as efficient as the brush in photoshop. I also wish there'd be an option for lightroom to disable the opaque white highlight that appears when using the healing/clone brush.
  • After the release of Lightroom CC, I'm very jealous that the program doesn't suit me but the interface does.

Thanks for reading. I just want to say that I'm saying this all out of love. Please don't take this as a rant. Lightroom is still the most essential and life changing part of my profession. Thanks for all you do Adobe! :)

I am hopeful and excited to know that Adobe will take this into consideration.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hey Quinton, I believe the "new" LR CC had that view in mind(clean, modern interface for Lightroom). Although the products are separated at the moment, the idea was to build Lightroom from the ground up, instead of giving LR Classic an interface lift. Although LR CC don't have all the bells and whistles(your wishlist) at the moment, Adobe plan on implementing changes over coming releases and adding more features. At the moment, it's far from a finished product but rather, the start of something new, clean and fresh looking. Disclosure: I am not Adobe staff but speaking based on what I've read across forums. 
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> It would be nice for the HSL to be included when using the brush tool. An example of this would be changing the hue of the oranges in a shirt without affecting the oranges in skin.

Try the new Color Range mask for this. It's not a perfect replacement, but if you make a selection, set the color range and then tweak Exposure for Luminance, Saturation for Saturation and WB for Hue, you can get pretty close.
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PLRASE do not give Lightroom Classic an “interface lift”! It works fine just as it is, and change for the sake of change is usually bad. Everything created before 2010 is only bad to contrarians.
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I'm with you Carlos. The last thing that I want for Lightroom Classic CC is an "interface lift". This version is primarily for use with a desktop and monitor, so please Adobe leave it the way it is. Adobe include Lightroom CC with a simplified interface for mobile use.

I am worried that Adobe may one day drop the Classic version and force us to use a more capable version of Lightroom CC for both tablet and monitor. Microsoft tried this with Windows 8 and it was a disaster!

More or improved features are of course always welcome.