Lightroom Classic: Catalog import freaks out Windows 10 because of recent items update

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I exported a Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 catalog on my Mac, copied it over to a network share, copied it over to my Windows Desktop and import it there into a large catalog.

First I got flickering all over the screen. In file explorer, the Quick access -> recent items ran crazy, showing every folder (or even file?) Lightroom imports! It renders the whole machine completely useless. I managed to switch off the setting to show the recent items, after waiting for minutes to open the settings window.

Now after importing for about 50 minutes - for a 22,3GB catalog, including images which is not that much - progress bar is still at about 30%. File explorer again has graphical problems. The address bar becomes black, with parts of the taskbar showing in it. From time to time I get even a "not responding" in the file explorer windows!

The machine is doing nothing else. Absolute nothing! And it is a 8 Core Ryzen 1700x, 32GB RAM, with NVMe SSD.

Obviously Lightroom Classic is bombarding Windows with recent items events, and Windows breaks down. My processor is nearly idle, RAM is about 30%, storage access only pops up about 25% of the time.

What the hell are you doing there?
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  • very frustrated

Posted 2 years ago

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Clearly, the so-called software engineers—programmers really; these people are NOT engineers—have no idea how to develop a software application which performs efficient garbage collection (e.g., automatic memory management in which the application attempts to reclaim garbage, or memory occupied by objects that are no longer in use by the program.  Garbage collection was invented by John McCarthy around 1959.  Adobe programmers have obviously never heard of this.) so that the system memory is not gobbled up—even when the application is at idle.

I run LR on a MacBook Pro with 16GB and a Mac Pro with 128GB, and there is no limit to the appetite LR has for memory.  It will consistently use all available RAM on the MacBook Pro, forcing me to turn off all other applications, and rendering LR on that platform effectively useless.

On the Mac Pro, LR will start out by grabbing 12-16GB...not too bad considering my catalog is over 30GB.  However, an hour or so later, even if LR is doing nothing but sitting there idle, it will have consumed another 40GB of RAM.  I have to regularly use Clean My Nac 3 to release memory which LR has hogged for no good reason other than it was poorly designed, barely tested, and simply dumped on the paying subscriber base (so we fools could tell Adobe what they should have known BEFORE releasing this POS).
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Just because I am curious: Are YOU a software engineer? Trained and having deep knowledge in writing heavy desktop applications? More wisdom than to write that trivial "i read some stuff about garbage collection" stuff? Hardoce c/c++ programmer?

"Garbage collection was invented by John McCarthy around 1959.  Adobe programmers have obviously never heard of this" Man, those stupid comments simply suck
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And also the described behavior has nothing to do with garbage collection!

It's just death by tons of unnecessary recent items events bubbling through the operating system. Actually I don't know, whether an application can suppress the generation of such an event, when accessing a file/folder. I am a web developer and far more at home on linux as on Windows...

I really hope there is a cure. It's such a wast of resources!

The import finally finished after more than two hours for 3486 jpegs and raw pairs. I don't know, whether this is appropriate. But it's definitely not ok, to make the whole pc completley unusable!
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I am quite sure, it can be done/programmed much better. Just have a look at LR 's competitor...
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Is anybody from Adobe reading here? I actually wanted to do a bug report, but got directed to this forum here. It's nice to vent your anger, but will not change anything. Hence, I still would like to do a but report somewhere...
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I've read through your post above.  My first recommendation is to update to Lightroom 7.3 using the Adobe Creative Cloud app. Then, restart your Windows box. 

The symptoms you describe feel like video driver issues. What is your current graphics card model? Have you gone to the manufacturers website and verified that you are using the latest model of their video drivers? (Don't rely on Windows update for this as it is often several versions behind the VC manufacturer). 
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Hi Rikk,
thanks for your answer! And sorry for the rant.
I was at latest version at this time of Lightroom Classic CC on the target computer already. Just checked to be sure, now it's 7.3.1 (I think I did an update yesterday?).
There is a Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti 11GB video card in the box. I updated the vga bios to the latest version and the driver to the latest version from the Gigabyte page, wich is 384.76 for Windows 10.

I saw, there is a newer version to be found on the nvidia page (397.31 currently). This will by my next try, when problems arise again. If this does not help, I will come back to you.