Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 - Multiple issues with how .xmp develop presets are actually applied to image

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In addition to the issues other users have mentioned with the conversion hangups and preset mis-ordering in CC 7.3, I'm finding that the .XMP presets are actually being APPLIED differently to photos that the .lrdevelop presets were. 

All of these multiple issues I'll describe below seem to come down to one fundamental principle that isn't always follwed by the XMP files:

If a preset specifies a change, it should change it. If it does NOT specify a change, it should leave that setting alone. 

This principle is what made .lrtemplate presets so powerful.

But I'm finding deviations from this in the LR 7.3's (and LR CC 1.3's) .xmp presets.

Here's a list of issues I've found so far and I'll add to it if I find more.


1) ISSUE: Presets always convert to color unless the preset specifically states to convert to black and white. 

Here's a real example. 

I was developing a photo in black and white, and then used a grain emulation preset that had specific grain settings I liked.

Instead of just changing just the grain, though, it converted the image to color! (which did not happen in any previous version of Lightroom)

Super frustrating.

Presets should not be changing the photo from B&W to color (or vice-versa) unless the preset explicitly asks for it in the settings. 


2) ISSUE: B&W MIX settings always reset to zero if not explicitly defined.

Even if I built a specific, B&W Grain preset (to deal with issue #1), I run into another issue... the B&W mix does not persist. I must explicitly set it each time I define a preset as being black and white.

So, let's say I have multiple B+W presets with different B+W MIX settings... and then I go to set the grain with my B+W Grain preset...

It will now RESET my B+W MIX settings to zero, even though I have not added any B+W mix settings to the .xmp file.


3) ISSUE: Presets that set individual R/G/B curves separately from the main RGB curve are incorrectly applied. 

A number of my presets in X-Chrome set the individual R/G/B curves independently from the main RGB curve. This allows me to modularize my effects... users can build the main tones for an image through presets which set the main RGB curve, and then set the fade & cast through presets that manipulate the individual Red, Green and Blue curves. Through this they can really control the effects they get.

As an example, here are the settings of a preset that does just that... it changes the settings of the individual tone curves, without changing the settings of the main RGB curve.

Note that they are all different curve values.

When I apply this inside of LR Classic 7.3, it INCORRECTLY sets all three curves to the exact same values (it looks like it just duplicated the red curve settings)

And incorrectly renders the image like this (without the intended effect)

HOWEVER, if I add a main RGB tone curve node (ToneCurvePV2012), it will then correctly apply the individual R/G/B curves.

No changes excepted the default RGB tone curve node... but then it does correctly set the individual R/G/B curves:

And correctly renders the desired color cast:

But if I put in the main RGB curve, it would make the preset less useful, because I want for these effects to be layered on top of the existing RGB curve. This is something we could always do in .lrtemplate presets. 

Please please please help get these presets back to working like they were in previous versions! For now, I will just tell my preset users to not upgrade to Classic 7.3 (or CC 1.3), but it is incredibly frustrating to find that the upgrade has broken such a beautiful, working system!
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Posted 2 years ago

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It's just horrible, that Adobe has released such a buggy version. Besides many things are broken with presets, which make working with them nearly unusable, it crashes and freezes also quite often. Thanks for your detailed investigation, hope Adobe is fixing this asap. I already had the feeling, that something is going wrong with my colors in some presets i use and this confirms it now unfortunately
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Yes, but what a great thing that they released in time for NAB! Better to be full of bugs then miss an NAB announcement, right?
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With issue 2, this might have something to do with checking on the Treatment and Profile switch in the Preset Creation window.

Although, in trying to figure this out, i noticed that a grain only preset becomes non functional if you apply a different preset which has no grain and then attempt to reapply the grain only preset.

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Try checking whether the profile changes when you apply the presets you're having problems with. I've found that the profiles sometimes now change when applying presets. This seems to be particularly true with custom profiles, but also happens sometimes with Adobe's profiles. (I'm still exploring this and trying to figure out when this happens.) And these erroneous profile changes seem to affect settings you wouldn't expect them to affect, and sometimes changing back to the correct profile after applying a preset can fix the issue.