Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 (and 7.3.1): Hanging, requires force quit

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There are a few other discussions where this issue is being reported but i believe they have other issues clouding the discussion


Since the update to .3 and subsequently 3.1 Lightroom Classic CC hangs after being idle for a time (i can;t be specific on time as it seem to change). It does not happen necessarily on sleeping from the computer or in one module or another or when changing windows or minimizing or maximizing


It hangs and i am forced to "end task" through Task Manager


I am on a completely up to date (drivers and software and Windows) Win 10 Pro 64 system with 128gb RAM and plenty of horsepower and disk space (NVME and SSD)


My system has no problems with any other programs


please fix this
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Aaron Steele

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Posted 2 years ago

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Same problem on my iMac.  Activity Monitor shows Classic 7.3.1 still eating up loads of memory and increasing while idle.  Is 3.8 GB normal - Photoshop runs at 2.37. Constantly having to either restart LR or free up memory  with CleanmyMac app. 
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Sometimes, drives, either through their own design or Windows settings will go to sleep or spin down to conserve power. I am concerned that a known issue with disconnecting USB devices/Memory cards may be rearing its head here under the guise of a drive sleeping. Let me know how your test goes.
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Aaron Steele

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the attached hard drive being plugged in or not did not matter, also they do not hold any lightroom imported images or files

it never was a problem before 7.3 or 7.3.1

so i doubt it is something inherent to the computer...this seems like an obvious Lightroom problem

i made no changes between 7.2 working well and upgrading to 7.3 and 7.3.1

i have tried the graphics processor thing being on and off and that does nothing

also...i have had my computer set to not sleep without prompting it...also Lightroom hangs in 7.3+ even if the computer is still on (like i said no sleep) and when i am working in another window

it seems highly unlikely it is a sleep setting as it happens when the computer is being used for other tasks and i have it set to never sleep
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Same issues. Not a computer problem, it's a Lightroom problem. The fact Adobe discounts our issues because one of their people couldn't replicate it on his computer is hilariously maddening. 
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Nothing on my brand new, high spec computer has changed except Lightroom has updated. Lightroom is crashing with regularity. This is not a feasible working situation!
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Same issue with not-responding here as well ever since 7.3 release and continues with .1 release.  Have tried every possible thing suggested on the various threads.  Have spent a good deal of time tyring to fix this.  Getting pretty annoyed at this point that this issue continues to drag on this long.
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Adobe (if you are listening) please release this fix ASAP for two reasons:
1) To end our unbearable frustration because of this bug!
2) To bring an end to pointless conversations in this thread!
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Hear, hear!
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Totally agree! We need a fix.