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Since I imported all my photos to the cloud with new Lightroom CC, there are 3 photos stuck in sync. Cloud icon still says it's syncing 3 photos for two days now. I can see this only on my computer with source files so I just guess it's something stuck in uploading. But I can't see what pictures and why are they stuck. If I add another photo, it syncs instantly with those 3 still remaining.
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Posted 2 years ago

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is there anyone from Adobe support active in this forum? it seems that the "community" cannot solve this issue, because it ́s a BUG! selling a costly subscription but not being willing to provide any kind of support is a joke...
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Official Response
I'm sorry you all are having difficulty syncing. Try these steps and let us know it helps:

  1. In the My Photos area in the left pane, select the All Photos album.
  2. Switch to the Square Grid view (), which displays photos as equal-sized thumbnails along with their flag status, sync status, and rating.
  3. While holding down the Alt key (Win) or Option key (Mac), click the cloud icon (). Lightroom CC now displays only those photos that it's trying to sync.
  4. Press Ctrl+A (Win) or Command+A (Mac) to select all the photos displaying in the grid and then do any of the following:
    1. Delete the selected photos by choosing the Edit > Delete option and then add the photos in Lightroom CC again.
    2. Apply a flag or a star rating to selected photos.

The syncing issue should now be resolved. To check the sync status, click the cloud icon () at the upper-right corner. 

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Rick / Adobe,
Could you please share where the Cloud Icon is in desktop Mac Lightroom Classic CC ? Have you tried to copy images of this icon in your post as they are just blank boxes. I’m not seeing a cloud icon in the latest version of Lightroom on my desktop. I’ve tried all the steps above a few times and still not not syncing, it just sits on the same numbers.

My problem is: I travelled across Europe for six weeks and took 10,000 photos on three SD cards (500GB). Each day I would upload the 500 or so images into Lightroom Mobile on my iPad Pro and make edits. Now back home i’m trying to sync the edits back to my desktop external hard drive and Lightroom classic CC.

Question for Rick/Adobe about Lightroom, can I sync the edits from Lightroom mobile to images copied to my desktop from the SD cards? As i’ve tried syncing through the cloud but as you can imagine moving 500GB of data is laboriously slow and even worse it has stopped syncing after 10 hours. I’ve deleted sync errors and tried all the steps above and still not syncing. I have 5700 ‘All Synced’ into desktop Lightroom classic CC, but stuck on ‘Syncing’ 7400, while my iPad Lightroom mobile is still uploading 10,030 (of the original 10,174). While stuck I even uploaded (pretty quickly I must say!) all the photos directly from the SD cards to my Mac desktop and Lightroom classic CC without the edits. Of those images that have sync across also brought another 40MB ‘copy’ of each RAW photo file. So now I also have 6000 ‘synced duplicates’ in desktop Lightroom classic CC.

While traveling I figured out pretty quick that the 2TB cloud subscription was a waste of time as it takes forever even on the fastest internet service to upload 20, 50 or not to mention the total 500GB of photos.

Many thanks for a reply and solution to this problem.

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Mine shows no images at all so there is nothing to select. Everything was fine until the power in my house went out while I was importing photos into LR. I can't see any information at all other than the blue circle spinning in the middle of the screen and in the cloud icon. Please help. I really need this resolved asap.
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This suggested solution didn't work. When I click on the cloud and get the little dialog it shows everything to be OK. I still have the perpetual syncing 1 photo in LR Classic. I also tried "Rebuilding Sync Data" in the LR Classic preferences. Didn't work.
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I am afraid to delete all the photos because I dont want to lose them!
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Rick, I thought I would never run into this issue after so long but here I have a 1 photo stuck and dunno why. Holding Alt and clicking on Cloud icon does not seem to work anymore. How to solve it now?
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I agree that this issue is really frustrating.  At this point, I'm considering moving from Lightroom CC to some other product.  Syncing is one of the primary features and it hasn't worked reliably since launch.  How are we supposed to trust it with our photo libraries?
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Honestly, I was thinking about the same because these issues, lack of features and poor performance but gave it up after realizing how bad it is out there out of Adobe world :D It is not perfect at the moment but still the best available. And with your contribution even better.