Lightroom CC: Ability to bulk rename files

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Lightroom CC - Renaming in bulk. This is another important feature from Lightroom which appears not to have made it (yet) to Lightroom CC.
Everyone has there own renaming strategy (don't they?). Once I have  applied keywords and corrected location details, I bulk rename to include date, location and primary keyword in the file title. OK - that may be overkill, but does help people I am selling images to.
Bulk renaming - for whatever reason and using whatever system - is an important tool for DAM and support for it in Lightroom CC would be appreciated.
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Posted 2 years ago

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As an very much an amateur photographer, Lightroom is by far the best option for importing, basic updating, organising (including key wording) and have available to share. A critical part of this 'simple' process is the bulk renaming of files with date and location / event. This ensures at the individual file level within explorer you can identify file contents. It has been pointed out in the above discussions, in many respects the "filename" becomes irrelevant in Lightroom cc as you can use location and key words to find the relevant photos. 
However as soon as you want to do anything outside Lightroom (eg. share with friends, bulk export for creating a photo book) exporting with the original camera roll file name will be painful. Particularly as the sorting files into a numeric date/time captured is not possible. As file creation date/time may not equal the date/time photo's were taken. 
Even inside lightroom cc this is an issue, as 'after the event', I'll often scan items such as ticket, brochures and maps as part of the story of a holiday. Renaming in my YYYY MM DD  HHMM Location format at least allows these items to be slotted in the correct location when files are sorted by file name for viewing.  

Secondly risks tying users permanently into the Lightroom environment potentially making a large barrier to moving if exporting all the additional information added in Lightroom can't be exported. 

The inability to rename file was a reason I did not move the Aperture a number of years ago. 

This file renaming is one of the main reasons I will not move from the classic version yet.
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I also want to be able to batch rename files. This has to be basic functionality of any photo management system.
The suggestion that "it is not needed because that is not how cloud storage works" is just nonsense IMO. It is something I need.
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It has taken me awhile to get comfortable with LRCC and, now that I am, I am increasingly frustrated with the inability to rename files.  I do not want to jump ship and have to relearn a new system but I am losing patience.
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I have just switched to using LR CC for editing and was enjoying how easy it was to continue to edit my files on the go, but not being able to rename them is a devastating blow! I strongly advocate that Adobe fix this issue. As a professional wedding and event photographer, I NEED to be able to rename my images for my clients simply. There just isn't time to mess around with finding a work around, when I could so easily rename my files in LR Classic. Why would this feature be dismissed?!?! Please consider adding this quickly? Thankfully, we're at the end of our season currently, but it'd sure be nice to have this fixed soon. 

Dear Adobe, please fix this?
Thank you,
A Faithful LR User
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I suspect that, besides prioritization decisions, the roadblock is compatibility with sync in Classic. If someone renamed their photos in the CC cloud, and were still syncing with a Classic catalog too, Classic could run into trouble. The Classic files could be offline, preventing them from being renamed. Just a suspicion...
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I couldn't agree more