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I would love to be able to create smart folders (aka smart collections) in the all-new Lightroom CC. Basically, a folder that contains a set of photos based on metadata information and updates automatically. The feature set should ideally contain all the options that exist in Lightroom Classic for smart collections. Thanks!
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second that request!!!
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Yes.  Smart collections are the one thing I miss.  I've used them extensively when I was using Classic!  Please al them!

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Jesaca Soubi Lin

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UGHHH, seriously. 
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Thomas Rabben

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Yes, we need the smart folders in LR CC
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damian Bown

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+1 Smart folders
I use Albums/Collections. 

Want to group photos first by the year they were taken
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Darren Weston

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yes please, nice function that should be ported
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Bill Kitchen

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Smart collections are one of the key elements is my photo organisation and sharing. I use a number of smart collections , some quite dynamic (eg. best 5 rated photos in the last year) , trips (2107 Vidid Sydney) and some more static (Europe phots >1star, taken +1 year). These are the cornerstone for how I sort and view photos. They are essentially 'albums', however I don't need to manually update . As I work on photos the albums reflect the changes. Particularly important for the sharing on mobile devices.
In Lightroom classic, I've found a 3rd party plug in which will automatically transfer the contents of my smart collections to the "static" albums which are shared to Lightroom Mobile.  So finally have what I need on the Lightroom Classic product. 

Smart collections was also a good way of tidying up photos without keywords, locations etc.

Prior to this I would be constantly checking if the smart collection and static collections matched and individually updating :( 

Will be staying with the Lightroom Classic until some of these features are added. 
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Karthik Gopalakrishnan

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this is terrible. the best features are missing in CC. My organization was Folder by years. and inside them were sub folders Like birthdays, Vacation, Road Trips. and Smart albums inside them.. it seems you cannot have the same smart album names. even though it was intended to find them easily. like i want to see my daughters birthday from 2012 or 2014 etc.. this is pretty bad to put restrictions on organization of pictures which are a very important part of the collection.
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Gavin Eadie

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Not providing a smart folder feature is a pretty big omission, in my opinion.

I just downloaded the trial version today to see if it was good enough to let me move off Apple Photos.  Photos replaced Aperture and iPhoto with a reduced feature set four? years ago and still hasn't improved to offer, for example, the ability to change the background of the frame that photos are displayed in .. your choice is white, ghastly white!

Reading the comments above, I'd surmise that Adobe is taking a similar strategy .. checking the latest, glitzy must-have features (cloud interfaces, iOS look-alike, ..) at the cost off dropping out things we have been using to good effect in the "legacy" application for a long time.  Not saying these new features aren't important, just that they shouldn't replace the old standards. 

So, bring back smart folders (Photos has them) please.

And, while you're at it, please also expand the collection of "facets" that can be used.  I want to search based on image height and width, I want to filter by exif timestamp (and/or timestamp range).  We can view that photo metadata .. not allowing one to search or filter on it is just cruel!
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Without smart albums it is difficult to consider migrating to the new Lightroom CC
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom CC: Ability to create Smart albums.

For Lightroom CC, we should have the ability to create smart albums.
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it is so obvious. Did you see you can't print using CC? 

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Rick Williams

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I need these so bad. I’ve always used one to show photos that are not currently in an album. So useful. I’ve used several others too. Seems crazy they havne’t added them.
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Jürgen Schmid

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LR is full of disruptions of otherwise great apps:
- no Metadata Sync from LR Classc to LR CC
- no Smartfolders
- no changes sync fom LR CC to Portfolio 
- upload from LR CC to Portfolio only description possible not file names

why do they make life so difficult? Everything is here to have a great surrounding to share and collaborate...
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“no changes sync from LRC C to Portfolia “

The changes do sync but you have to updates or “reset” your page on your Portfolio

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Hans van Buuren

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Christina Estes

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+ 1 for this suggestion. I miss the smart collections. 
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Mads Emil Dalsgaard

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Another +1. Is anyone at Adobe reading this? Would be great to hear if it's a plan and if not, why the priority is made. I just migrated, and didn't imagine that I could not make smart albums. :( Now I don't know what to do. Very frustrating.

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Vitek Tajzich

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+1 it's absolute must
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Bastian Bauwens

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Smart albums were my way of sorting my “work in progress” while it moves through my workflow. Would be great to get them back in the new CC.
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R Moore

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I agree: smart folders is critical otherwise there's no real organization method since Lightroom doesn't use folders like Lightroom Classic does.

This is like a conscious product design decision: Adobe wants to keep some separation between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic, and keeping smart folders/collections in Lightroom Classic is one way. It's been years since this feature has been requested and it would be a very easy solution to implement, but Adobe has chosen not to.
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Ron Bastien

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No smart albums?  WHYYYYY?
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Roberto Pulito

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I think that Adobe will never implement this feature.