Lightroom CC: Ability to see what Album a photo is in

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Can you add in a way to see what album(s) a photo is in. You can do this with classic CC, but not the new cloud CC.

I have LOADS of photos, and after the migration from classic, lots of them are not in albums and are now heaped into on big imported album (because I used my hard drive folders to organise things in Classic.

So, now I have a big tidy-up job on my hands.

Also, it would be great if you could find all photos not in an album.
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Posted 2 years ago

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With the August 2018 release of LrCC 1.5, Album Membership Information has now been implemented.
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Official Response
Hi Selondon! 

That's right! You can now access that information with Lightroom CC 1.5, which was released today. Click the ellipses at the top and choose “Check for App Updates.”

Give the new version a try and let us know your thoughts! 

- Carissa 
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I see this version allows you to see what Albums the photos are in.  That is a good start!  
What I and others that I can see wanted was to add a filter that shows photos that are NOT in an album.  Hopefully, that can be added next update. 
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Why is it so difficult to make this (look to the picture below):
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Not difficult at all to create a folder  - but you are missing the point of having a filter to find all the non-album assigned photos.  That becomes a chore is you are bringing in photos from different sources and consolidating for first time in LR
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Yep, it's good Carissa. If we could filter (or a facet.. 'Album: none') to identify those orphans, photos not in an Album, that would be great also!
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Hello, I think it would also be useful to create a collection of photos that are not part of any synchronized collection in Catalogue LR CLassic.

Argument, When the main catalog is the catalog of LR Classic, it would be easy to remove from the catalog LR CC all the photos not included in synced albums and thus lighten LR CC on the various devices, because in this case, I see the catalog LR CC as a secondary catalog for making presentations etc.

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Agree. This is an essential improvement. Sorting photographs without the facility to see all the albums that a photo is in or the ability to see all photos that are not in any album is a nightmare I can do without.
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+1 on adding a filter to permit searching for and displaying only photographs that are *not* in any album.

Also, in the Album pane, the image count appears on every album, but not on the folders. Need an image count on the folders, and need total of all images spanning all albums.