Lightroom CC: Multiple Target Collections feature request (with mockup)

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I have a feature request that I believe would extend the obvious benefits of Target Collections.
It's a way of implementing Multiple Target Collections.

1. I LOVE using Target Collections. They save me a ton of time scrolling and drag-dropping images into Collections. But this feature is still very limited and is can be easily missed by newer users in the current interface.

2. I also want to be able to see which collection is a Target more easily than is currently than is currently indicated with a tiny '+' suffix, which is often invisible in longer collection names. The slight brightness is the only indicator in this cases, and that itself is hardly visible in many teaching conditions in anything but very dark rooms.

3. I'd like to have several Target Collections on hand, choosing the one I need to 'send' photos to on the fly via checking from a list presented in a handy drop-down menu added just left of the New Collections dropdown. My ideal would be 5 to 10 of them. My mockup shows one way I see this can be possible without unduly cluttering up LRCC's minimalist interface..

Possible GUI features:
Faint Yellow highlight on Collection icon adds easily visible recognition to Targeted collections.
That color or opacity could also be a checkbox feature in Preferences>Interface

The actual Dropdown selection box could also feature an slightly translucent opacity so as not to cover valuable information behind it.

A selected color (Dk Red) could indicate which target Collection is currently selected to be the current receiver of photos send vi the 'B' key as is currently used. The others in the list are merely options that dynamically update as new Targets are made.

The numbered position within the list of Target Collections isn't static. The number associated with any given Target Collection dynamically changes if a Target Collection is moved up in numerical position.

If a Target Collection is returned into being a normal collection, the it's name is removed from the list. Perhaps the list could be dynamically optioned to accommodate additional user preferences.


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