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Well, it pretty clear that this is work in progress. While I like the new modeless UI, we still have some fundamental issues.

Instead of removing support for two or more screens, do a propper implementation. Have the image you work on one screen and nothing else, and every else on the other screen, it's really not that hard to do, and Apple could do it with Aperture before you even made Lightroom, I have bitched about this for almost 10 years, so I don't have high hopes that it will ever happen

Edit :And I wonder where the other half of my post went?? Maybe because I added a smiley?

Adding it again:

Some features remove that make no sense at all like printing, and kept some features that should have been removed like the filmstrip.

It also seems a bit cheap to only having a 100 GB on a full CC plan. 1T would be more reasonable.

So it's a few step forwards, and a lot of steps backwards. In a year or two it might be a replacement for Classic, but for now we are stuck with the old solution.

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Looking for where to give feedback after just learning of Adobe's idea to roll out "Lightroom CC" and to rename the "old" program to "Lightroom Classic CC". Adobe seems quite adept at avoiding feedback and just rolling forward with their idea of "what is good" for photographers.

I'm not yet impressed nor convinced that this is going to work for me. I use "Lightroom Classic CC" solely for all my photo organizing and editing. I'm well ingrained with folders, importing, exporting, etc.

Two main concerns:
Cloud storage cost -- to move to the cloud-based "Lightroom CC", my Adobe Photo plan subscription cost doubles from $9.99/mo with an additional $9.99/mo for 1Tb of cloud storage. (This is how I understand it.) I'm not happy with this built in cost increase.

Photo workflow -- I use a high end SLR camera and am used to importing to my desktop hard drive from the camera storage cards. to get photos to the cloud,  I anticipate problems particularly with bandwidth in uploading/editing/downloading. Forcing users to upload hundreds of very large files to Adobe's cloud seems way overly complicated. Many possibly new errors creeping in.

And who is to say Adobe will be around *forever*? I would much rather "own" my photo files and control their safety. I don't trust any company, Adobe included, to be able to ensure my work files safety, integrity, etc. Seems an invitation to hackers to hold users work product for ransom, for instance.

I wish Adobe had not snuck this idea onto its users. I anticipate being forced to comply soon or sooner or later.

What about iPhone photos? -- RAW format file sizes prohibit using this for now. Is Adobe thinking they'll push Apple toward Adobe's view of how photography will evolve?

Color me -- NOT HAPPY --
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Having tried the new Lightroom CC for a couple of weeks, all I can say is that the app is an abomination.  It's almost as though it's an April Fool's Day joke, it's so bad and so far departed from the "classic" Lightroom.  I don't like how the tools are laid out and there is some functionality that's just not there.  I also don't like the removal of modes, and I don't like the overall behavior of the application's interface environment.  Lightroom CC isn't as versatile or as powerful as the "classic" Lightroom in the areas of photo management, or editing/post-production.  I'm glad Adobe still provides "classic" Lightroom for the moment, but how long will they provide it? How long will they support it?  How long will there be a viable plugin ecosystem for it?  I'm not optimistic!  No software company supports a legacy platform forever. Adobe will be no different when it comes to Lightroom "classic".I've used Lightroom since it's first release. I also used to use Apple's Aperture application since IT'S first release. After using both Lightroom and Aperture for a few months, I settled on Lightroom, and my entire workflow has rested on that foundation until now.  One of the reasons I chose Lightroom over Aperture was I suspected Apple was not devoted to the program, and I didn't want to build my workflow around an application that might later be killed off. I had faith in Adobe's dedication to their professional customers and the applications they developed for those customers.  Well I was right about Apple—they eventually killed Aperture. But I was wrong about Adobe, because they have effectively killed Lightroom too.  It's disappointing and frustrating. I am personally going to start using another application for my photography workflow, since Lightroom is obviously now on life support, and who knows when the plug will be officially pulled.  I feel truly betrayed by Adobe.