Lightroom Classic CC: Always signing out of Adobe ID on Startup with slow Internet

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So this is great... I'm having multiple sign in issues ( and so do others ( and nothing is done about this easy problem. It is very easy to keep sign in information for a local application, I don't know why it is so hard for LR...

I'm currently traveling. Internet is bad. As in 3kb/s bad. As in WiFi connection dropping out randomly. You know what is really great when you want to work on pictures while on the road? This:

The Sign In dialog appears when trying to start Lightroom. It doesn't help killing it (task manager). Whenever I start LR this shows up again because apparently I am using Trial software. Which I am not. I bought LR standalone as well as LR CC. So this is beautifully designed to throw out paying users... Sorry, I am frustrated.

You see the little spinning icon? After 5 minutes I get it to switch to the sign in page (love entering my information 100x, because I do this always for Creative Cloud app which also can't keep any information with bad Internet / same goes for LR mobile - see a pattern?). And then? Indefinite loading spinner.

I only get LR to open up again after having some good Internet, which is pretty hard to find where I am now. That means I cannot work with LR at all, you know what might be easier for me? Using a pirated version without this non-functioning Adobe ID check. This is a sad state.

Adobe. Keep my login information stored locally. Do not log me out until I click logout. Never? No! Of course, do your piracy and whatnot checks, but WARN me (we couldn't verify your Adobe ID for 30 days, please make sure to connect to the Internet or...) before signing me out. The same goes for LR mobile. Do not sign me out.

Right now I'm looking at this screen. Isn't it great how you cannot close it? Killing it via Task manager is the only way:

This might be related to the Photoshop Update I recently did? I can start Photoshop just fine, so it would be awesome if these two are related in that way.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hello Dennis,

  Adobe does keep your log-in information stored locally. Just like a cookie stores your information in a web browser, we have a file that keeps your account info. The name of this file is opm.db. If you are continually being asked to login, it means this file is not being updated with this information. This can happen if the file is locked (by another process or by file permissions), damaged, or otherwise uneditable. The file is stored here: 
--Windows: C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE
--Mac OS: /Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE
(NOTE: the AppData and Library folders listed here are normally hidden by the OS and must be revealed before they will appear in Explorer/Finder (respectively)). 

  1. Verify the presence of this file. If Photoshop is working, it suggests the file is there.
  2. Make sure you have read and write permissions on this file. Again, with Photoshop working, it suggests you have at least read permission. But you may not be able to update the file with Lightroom information. (see:
  3. Try logging out of and back into your account. Not through Lightroom itself (as this shouldn't even be necessary), but through the Creative Cloud desktop app. This should update the opm.db file with your current subscription information. See instructions here:
  4. If the above did not work, recreate the opm.db file. Sign out of the Creative Cloud desktop app, do not sign back in. Close the app. Navigate to and delete the opm.db file. Restart the app and sign in again. This will take a moment to redownload your account information. 

  Since the account information is stored locally, we do not sign you out of your account. Even if cancel your subscription, your account would remain logged in, as there are several free features that you would still have access to. 

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Very good Reply, Brett! Technical details, links and everything. Wish I would see more of these replies in these forums. Wish there were a more direct possibilities to communicate with Adobe on real problems...

I deleted the opm.db file to get a clean slate and hope for things to be all right. Maybe something was corrupted. I will get back if i have the same problem again.

You guys should still look into the login experience on slow connections. I really were only able to cancel logging in by using task manager to kill the processes. A user should always be able to just hit some cancel / X button.