Lightroom CC: Allow for family usage, i.e. from more than two computers

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The new Lightroom CC would be ideally suited for family use. A shared family photo library in the cloud can be built and maintained. The mobile devices (iPad, iPhone) can be easily integrated already.

Not so for PCs: The installations are limited to two. Even when an additional subscription is purchased, it can't be integrated with the existing cloud based photo library (one gets a new, independent one).

Please allow a reasonable set of PCs to access the shared cloud photo library. A ballpark number would be 5 (similar to the Microsoft Office Family License).
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Posted 11 months ago

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Great idea. “All Your Photos Everywhere” should really
include desktop at home, laptop on the move, at school or work etc.

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I agree. 
I'm really not sure who this new Lightroom CC is for. So many comments are about what can't be done, when it seems those people should be using Lightroom Classic CC.

I see Lightroom CC as having the potential to be what Mylio wants to be: For managing, organizing viewing and sharing a personal or family collection on several devices. It also has the potential to be a more thorough solution than what Photos for Mac or Google photos are.
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Yes, that are my thoughts as well. I used Lightroom when I still had an SLR, and did photography as a hobby. Nowadays I almost always just use my phone to take pictures, and manage everything in Apple Photo. But, Apple Photo can't be properly shared with the family: It is for personal use only. I was very excited when I heard about the new Photoshop CC, only to find that it does not allow to share either because of this limitation to two installations.
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It seems like the two computer limit is designed to keep professional users from sharing accounts, but it's unfriendly to amateur users (like me) who just want to access their catalog from all their devices.

A 5 computer limit like Office 365 would make a lot more sense here.
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While I'd certainly love a 5-computer limit, I'd be just fine with paying to increase seats on a single account rather than paying for two separate accounts just to increase my number of licenses. For me, personally, it's not the cost, its the bizarre inability to add licenses on a single account.
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The number of Lightroom CC app installations per user account is not limited on mobiles and tablets (iOS and Android). Also the feature palette of these LR apps is similar to the LR Web interface and to the new Lightroom CC software.
So I absolutely do not understand why there should be a limitation to 2 installations of the software while there is no limitation of the app installations and the use of the web interface.
I am using several laptops and desktop PCs with different computer power in different locations.
There is one master PC with Win7 where I heavily use Lightroom classic CC and Photoshop, one Laptop which I use when traveling (but I can't access the classic CC catalog).
We have an additional Win10 notebook connected to a beamer to show the pictures. It would of course be very helpful to be able to install LR CC on this WIn10 notebook. As LR CC is not compatible with WIn 7 it is also not installed on the master PC and therefore there would be one installation unused.
But due to the already mentioned limitation this is not possible and therefore limits my possibilities!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Allow us to buy more seats on the same account..

Currently, I subscribe to the CC Phography Plan, as well as Acrobat DC. These plans allow for the installation of this software on two machines.

I'm considering integrating the new Lightroom CC into my workflow, as a tool to ingest and do a first round of selection while in the field - and syncing everything back into my real LR (Classic) Catalog on my workstation for when I return from location.

Here's the thing. I have three computers - my workstation, which lives in my studio, my laptop, which travels to more static locations, and a netbook which I use when I'm on the move with weight or size constraints.

Currently, I have to maintain two seperate Adobe accounts in order to have PS, LR Classic and Acrobat DC on all three machines.

This also means that if I subscibe to the new LR plan, one of my machines will not be able to sync with the other two in the new LR because it's linked to a different email account.

I don't mind paying for the additional licenses as I'm doing now - but why can't we simply purchase additional seats within the same account - having to add accounts (which don't share resources) is inelegant, fruastrating and disruptive. Please expand our purchase options to allow users to buy licenses for more machines.
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A family plan or an option to buy more "seats" is really a feature that is missing. We moved our 70 000+ photos gallery to Lightroom CC just to realize it's not possible to have more than two accounts. It's ridiculous that my parents and my sisters can't use the desktop app and that I have to sign out of my account to allow them to use the app.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom CC: activation on more devices.

Will be possible to activate Lightroom CC on more than 2 devices in the future? We are use Adobe Login, why activation/deactivation?

Now I am working on 3 devices and I must activate and deactivate again and again if I want to use Lr CC on computer where I'm sitting.
And sometimes I am not at my computer (for ex. at office of my colleague) and have free time and want to use Lightroom CC to work on my files...and whole process will repeat (deactivate at my others machines, activate on some "new" machine, deactivate here, activate on my home computer and one of laptop)...

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I also have three computers and I gave up this whole activation/deactivation process. When I am sitting in front of that third computer, I just keep hating Adobe instead of editing pictures.
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What about two CC subscribers? Me an a coworker (who both have FULL CC licenses) want to share a catalog. We each have unique users names and accounts. So why cant I share (full edit) my catalog with them? I figured that was the POINT of the CC version of lightroom. It solved the database issues with Lightroom.

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That's a great idea George. I can't find an existing request for that, so could I suggest you create one? It's likely to get lost in this request for "additional seats".