Lightroom: Pick/reject flags hit both images in Compare and Survey view

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When two images are being Compared, or are displayed in Survey mode, a pick or reject flag entered for the selected image gets applied to the second image as well. I originally observed this problem 'way back with LR4, possibly earlier, and have reported it before (long ago). After being fixed, it appears to be reintroduced with a major or minor release. It considerably degrades the process of tagging images to be discarded or worked on, and creates a real risk of desired images being discarded. Yes, all the new features are really cool and I like many of them, but why this simple problem keeps coming back is baffling, especially because it's so easy to test. Please borrow some resources from all the emphasis on mobile and correct this simple problem.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I just found what I believe is the solution in another post, the top "Related Conversation":  Lightroom CC 2015.2.1: Strange behaviour of flagging pictures in Survey View

In that post, Rikk Flohr responded "go to Metadata> Enable Autosync and make sure it is not checked."  It was indeed checked.  Unchecking it appears to have solved the problem in both Compare and Survey.  Thank you, Rikk!

I've used LR for 10 years but was unaware of this setting.  It never occurred to me that Metadata> Enable Autosync was behind the problem I described.  I regularly use the Sync and Auto Sync buttons at the bottom of the right panel in both Library and Develop modules.  However, at the moment I don't understand Metadata> Enable Autosync and how it may be related to Sync and Auto Sync.

Relieved to be able to make the problem go away.  It has caused much frustration and many hours of lost productivity over several years.  
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Wow, that works!  ("go to Metadata> Enable Autosync and make sure it is not checked")
Thanks very much, Susan.  Still obviously a bug, but delighted to have the workaround.
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Relating to this. I'm used to working with Auto Sync and Keyboard Tamer plugin to quickly change simple exposure values for multiple photos at once, be it in Loop View or Grid View. On the secondary display (a 24" in vertical orientation) I most often have Survey Mode open to all the time see whether I'm changing values to multiple photos or just one photo, and to quickly compare changes made between multiple photos.

I like this approach very much.

However, even though I have Auto Sync enabled when making edits, I do need to be able to set star ratings individually and then I need to disable Auto Sync. What makes it hard is that for a great workflow you are not solely editing or solely rating – you do them simultaneously looking at what editing does to a group of photos and rate them and repeat. So it's a pain to remember to enable / disable Auto Sync all the time.

I don't like that part of the workflow at all.

What I'd would like to see is edits going to all the selected photos at once, but, ratings going to only the one highlighted photo when in Survey Mode and Auto Sync enabled. I'm totally fine ratings going to all photos as currently when in Library View and looking in Grid View as I do relate that a group of photos are selected for them to get the exact same commands to every selected photo, but when in Survey Mode on the primary display you're comparing photos to make individual changes.

It would be easiest for me to have ratings apply to all selected photos when in Library Mode (Grid View or Loop View) and only to highlighted photo when in Survey Mode.