Lightroom CC 1.1 is now available

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We are happy to announce the release of Lightroom CC 1.1.

To update Lightroom CC to 1.1, click "Update" in the Creative Cloud desktop application next to Lightroom CC.

Lightroom CC 1.1
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Photo of Melissa Rios

Melissa Rios, Lightroom Support Product Manager

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Posted 2 years ago

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Photo of Simon Wrigley

Simon Wrigley

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Update not showing up for either desktop or iOS versions?
Photo of Monty


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Happy to see a quick point release!Thanks for the ability to change "Date & Time". I am scanning slides.  Setting the correct capture time is a must!
Thanks Again
Photo of Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes

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Looking forward to updating when I get home! Great to see we’ll be getting regular updates. Strange to see that certain core features appear to be in certain versions only. E.G Watermarking only available in mobile at the moment?
Photo of James Hall

James Hall

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This absolutely baffled me. And the fact that watermarking is o ly available in iOS, not even in Android? Why are core features like watermarking get added to mobile versions but not the main product itself? Totally bizarre. I'll carry on sticking to Lightroom Classic for now then.
Photo of Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

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Awesome, love the idea of regularly adding new features in an iterative way! Curves support, editing photo time, and full screen support are both awesome, look forward to seeing more top feature gaps close over time!
Photo of Doug Olson

Doug Olson

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I cannot find a way to include merge in the taskbar.  I cannot find merge
Photo of Brad Wise

Brad Wise

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The most useful information would be a feature roadmap. I would understand holding back any “new” features that would be viewed as competitive intel, but knowing when features that were in LR Classic and are now missing in LR CC should be on some form of a release map. I think adobe is frustrating many seasoned professionals that depend on and use Lightroom to support their families. As a creative, its pushing me into a zone of guarded optimism. I would love to be on the latest and greatest software, and the promise of the new Lightroom cc “edit anywhere experience” is exciting, but knowing the new LR CC does not feature many of the essential time saving (money making) features such as batch editing and custom presets are holding it back.. The promise of edit anywhere could be greatly improved if these features were available. For me and my business, Wedding / Portrait Photography, this tool is not yet ready for us to adopt full time. In the future, when(if) these are available, I will gladly and quickly switch from LR Classic to Lightroom CC. The time and money saving features such as cloud backup and edit anywhere could really advance my business and open new opportunities for editing in the field.