Lightroom: Catalogue Backup Speed and Size Optimisation Please!

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Currently Lightrooms Backup process using an old ZIP engine I suspect.
Some testing results can be found below:

Backup with NO Integrity or Optimize:
Copy Process: 10 Seconds
Compressing: 70 Seconds
Total Time: 80 Seconds
Backup with Integrity and Optimize:
Integrity Check: 3 Seconds
Copy Process: 10 Seconds
Optimise: 19 Seconds
Compressing: 70 Seconds
Total Time: 102 Seconds
Original Database Size: 2.91GB
LR Compress Output Backup file Size: 934MB
Time Taken to Compress File: 70 Seconds
WinRAR "ZIP" Backup Size: 714MB  (using default settings of 32KB Dictionary Size)
Time Taken to Compress File: 24 Seconds
WinRAR "RAR" Backup Size: 75MB  (using default settings of 4096KB Dictionary Size)
Time Taken to Compress File: 28 Seconds
WinRAR "RAR5" Backup Size: 55MB (using default settings of 32MB Dictionary Size)
Time Taken to Compress File: 30 Seconds
What I'm basically trying to point out the following points:
1) LR's ZIP compression method seems to be rather dated and perhaps a more modern compression engine/method would be allot better.
- As you can see from the results above Light Room produces a 934MB backup file were as the more modern WinRAR 5 standard can get the same database down to 55MB
2) LR's compression speed is also very slow
- Lightroom currently takes about 70 Seconds on a system running PCIe attached SSD drives with the latest Intel i7 CPU on a catalogue of just under 3GB in size... The same process on a standard SSD drive or mechanical based system would be even longer.
I'm raising the point in hope that Adobe might start looking into more optimised ways to perform backups as currently modern system resources are just idling whilst Lightrooom performs many of the tasks listed above showing it's not capable of using systems resources efficiently. This is not the only area LR seems to be slow but it's a very good example of inefficiencies one would hope Adobe will address in future builds/versions.
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