Lightroom Catalog Error, Deleted Files...Basically a mess! Help please!

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Computer specs:

I'm a pet photographer, so if you're wondering what my folder-naming structure is all about, that's it.

So here's what happened to the best of my memory...
  1. I was working with the following folders on my external hard drive: "Peanut-Butter-Pup-Up-07-02-2016", subfolders: "01-RAW-Peanut-Butter-Pup-Up-07-02-2016", "02-KEEPERS-Peanut-Butter-Pup-Up-07-02-2016" and "03-EDITS-Peanut-Butter-Pup-Up-07-02-2016"
  2. I was working in Bridge, 5-starring my favorite RAW files from the folder "01-RAW-Peanut-Butter-Pup-Up-07-02-2016". Within Bridge, I copied two of the files to to the KEEPERS folder. 
  3. I had already imported the folder "02-KEEPERS-Peanut-Butter-Pup-Up-07-02-2016" to my Lightroom catalog and worked on one image in there. When I attempted to import the second image, my catalog froze on import and Apple's busy icon just spun. 
  4. I right-clicked on the LR icon in my docking station and Force Quit. I tried several times to re-open the catalog, but LR kept bouncing in the docking station and never actually opened. 
  5. I thought maybe one of the journals was hung up, so I went into the LR backup folder and deleted the previews files and some older backups of the same catalog that I figured were taking up space and no longer needed.
  6. I re-started my computer.
  7. I re-opened Bridge and noticed that the folder "Peanut-Butter-Pup-Up-07-02-2016" was now called Untitled Folder. I tried to rename it and I got this error: The operation can’t be completed. An unexpected error occurred (error code -36).
  8. Next, I notice that the same thing happens with the folder "03-EDITS-Peanut-Butter-Pup-Up-07-02-2016".
  9. I am also unable to copy new images to the folder "02-KEEPERS-Peanut-Butter-Pup-Up-07-02-2016". I get this error: " An error has occurred during the copy operation. Some files may not have been processed."
  10. I look in my Trash Can to recover the files I deleted, as that may have caused an error, and I see the folders "Recovered Files" and "Recovered Files #1"
  11. Within the "Recovered Files" folder, there is a file named "com.adobe.dynamiclinkmanagerLR6" and I drag it to my desktop, but now I don't know where to put it back or if I should put it back somewhere. It's not one of the files I remember deleting. 
  12. Within the "Recovered Files #1" folder, there is a folder named Adobe and within it is nothing. There is also a file named Spyder3Busy, which must be related to my monitor calibrator. 
  13. From here, I don't know what to do. I could re-create my folders, but I've already gone through about 500 images and 5-starred them, which I don't want to do again. 
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