Lightroom/Camera Raw: Nikon Z7 RAW processing and White Balance

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A couple of problems with the camera profiles for the Nikon Z7.

1. When changing the white balance from "As Shot" in Adobe Lightroom or Camera RAW, the program creates a magenta cast on all Nikon Z7 images. This is true for all Adobe white balances and all the camera white balances. Returning the Tint slider to its original location removes almost all the magenta cast that was introduced. I believe this was an issue that was fixed for the Z6.

2. There's something wrong with the way that Adobe is reading or applying the Built-in Lens Profile. It seems to apply the corrections correctly for the Z lenses, but when using adapted F-mount lenses the profile isn't applied even though Lightroom claims that it is. If you manually apply the profile for the F-mount lens, it gets applied correctly. This also impacts stitching in panoramic photos. I can get a perfect stitch from a D850 with the same lens whereas using the same properly adjusted for the camera/lens RRS pano system and same lens with a Z7, the stitch is poor. It gets better after manually turning on the lens profile for each image in the stitch.

Running the 8/14/19 release of Lightroom Classic/Camera RAW.
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I have all of the above issues with the Z7, but in addition to the tint, the temp is also visually off by about +200K. I discovered this by comparing the same scene of a grey card shot with a Z7 and a Z6, using the same lens. It may be small enough to go unnoticed because of the magenta tint. Could you guys check your photos again and verify this?

Another thing to note is that in this grey card test both the Z7 and Z6 were set to 5000K in camera, but when importing to Lightroom, the As Shot values for the Z7 are 4600K and -13 tint, for the Z6 they are 4800K and +7 tint, a difference of 200K and 20 tint. The white balance is visually the same for both cameras in these differing As Shot values. When I set both to Daylight, they are visually different, the Z7 showing as warmer with a magenta tint. When I use the eyedropper tool to set the white balance from the same spot, I get visually correct white balance on both, but the Z7 values are approximately -200K and -20 tint compared to the Z6, varying slightly depending on where I click.

The issue is obvious with the Z7, but what I wonder is that is there still a problem with the Z6 as well even though it was supposed to be fixed, since the As Shot white balance value does not correspond with what is set in camera?