Lightroom: Better support for comments and likes, in ALL publish services

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Now that Adobe is committing to LR Mobile, it would be great if LR had better support for comments and likes:

- Ability to filter and search in smart collections for comments and likes. The Sort: Last Comment Time is helpful but not sufficient.

- The same support for other publish services like Flickr that also sync user comments. Why did Adobe implement Last Comment Time and comment notifications just for LR Mobile? The underlying structure is already there to implement it for the other services as well. These other services have a diversity of features that many users find valuable and that are unlikely to ever appear in LR Mobile, so asking them to switch to LR Mobile just to get the trivial ability to sort by comment time is frustrating.

- SDK access to the comments and likes, so that plugins can manipulate that metadata just like they have the ability to manipulate other metadata.

Just providing SDK access would let plugin developers provide the other functionality.
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Posted 4 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Likes & Comments in Lightroom CC.

I've been using Lightroom classic to create web galleries for clients to view by syncing collections. This has worked great. Likes and comments show up as little yellow labels in Lightroom Classic for desktop. My problem is I cant see these in Lightroom CC desktop when viewing the galleries nor can I see when comments have been made in Lightroom mobile as the app has been updated to Lightroom CC and there doesn't appear to be a way to see this. On lightroom web I used to be able to see when likes and comments had been made in thumbnail view using a keystroke but this seems to have disappeared also.

Am I right that this feature has been removed and is it coming back ?

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Lightroom CC has never supported Likes and Comments. It is a common feature request however. The team is currently looking at improving the behavior regarding likes and comments in future updates. 
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Agreed that LRCC for Desktop doesn't support Comments and Likes, but they should still be visible in the LRCC web app when browsing through the images with the Activity panel open. LRCC for iOS is probably the best app to use, as one of the info overlays (two-finger tap in grid view) will display Comments and Likes icons on the thumbnails, and the individual comments can be viewed using the Activity loupe view.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Filter by "heart" in lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC in synced collection.

I suggest to add the filter by "heart" status.
When you share a collection another user can put a like using the "heart" icon.

Now it seems not possible to filter only by "heart" (not by comment) so I suggest an easy way to have a selection of the "hearted" photos: introduce a filter by "heart" satus: Pressed or not.

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Filter by heart status (in Albums, All Photos... everywhere!) would be great!