Lightroom: Add warning before opening a large number of files in Photoshop from Lightroom (Ctrl+E).

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I suggest including a warning before opening a large number of files in Photoshop from Lightroom. Because sometimes if you want to batch export and you accidentally hit Ctrl+E instead of Ctrl+Shift+E, all the images (hundreds, in my case) open in PS.

I would suggest the warning limit be anything over 10-15 images.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Bridge has it, and I rarely select the contents of an entire folder in Bridge by accident.

Since part of many Lightroom workflows involve having multiple images selected, having a warning seems to me much more important in Lightroom than Bridge. 
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I agree with this warning. There is nothing much you can do but wait (a long time) for PS to give up importing the images once this action has been initiated from LR. 
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Great idea.  This is an error I make often ... and then have to Google for how to close multiple windows in PS...
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Not something I've done yet, but can imagine it would be quite frustrating the time when I do!
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It happened again today, despite my vigilance. I had a few hundred images selected (of course I thought it was only one, shame on me for not paying close enough attention to the subtle shades of gray), and hit command-E. The dialog opened up, and realizing I had the whole collection selected, I canceled out of it, then selected a single image and hit command-E again. This time, I clicked OK on the dialog and it opened the whole collection anyway. It's still opening, several minutes later, so I don't even know how much of my day has been wasted on this pathetic excuse for file management. 

Does nobody on the Lightroom team know enough about real life to understand that I never want to open 500 pictures at once?

EDIT: at least Photoshop has some limits; it stopped opening with the popup "Could not complete the command because too many files were selected for opening at once". And now I have to click OK a few hundred times, close a few hundred windows and I can get back to work. Thanks Adobe!

(ordinarily I'd just force-quit out of both programs, but I had unsaved work in Photoshop in one file)

UPDATE: Had to force quit both anyway because they both froze permanently. Faster to start over with the one unsaved file. 

I would like to be put on a mailing list in case Adobe ever releases a professional version of Lightroom.