Lightroom 6: Forces me into trial of the Lightroom CC

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I legally own Lightroom 6.x standalone not Cloud that I purchased. Recently when I tried to open Lightroom, it somehow Adobe installed on my PC trial, without my consense without asking me if I INTEND TO INSTALL any freaking trial.
Then it asked me to login and it forces me to ACCEPT the Photoshop Lightroom trial for 30 days. I AM NOT F...G INTERESTED in your CC, ADOBE. THIS is absolutely craziness. I can't stand that. ADOBE I HATE YOU with your aggressive selling techniques. I was thinking at one point to upgrade to CC when I could get a good deal < 9.99$ /month, but this incident changed my mind totally. Shame on you ADOBE
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Posted 2 years ago

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You can choose not to install the trial version, and just launch your old version by double-clicking the application, no? Yes, Adobe software is sometimes glitchy, but if they were doing it on purpose, they would do it to everyone not just you. Save your hate for politics!
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Adobe aggressiveness and rip the customer off attitude brings worst out of everyone including myself. Not everyone can afford subscription and don’t need continuous updates. A good program should last for a few years without updating. Adobe just has a bad attitude to it customers.
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Had the same problem myself.
Carlos, save your unhelpful comments for a different company.
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The installation file for Lightroom CC2015.x and 6.x are the same file. The licensing validation, and the subsequent features exposed as a result of the licensing validation are the only differences in the appearance of the final product. 

Every installation of Lightroom contains a 7-day trial of Lightroom CC which showcases newer features not available to the perpetual license and enables the mobile workflow. At the end of seven days, this trial ends and, assuming you've entered a valid serial number, the Lightroom perpetually licensed feature set resumes. 

If you don't want it, wait 7 days, it will disappear with no intervention necessary by you. 
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I myself am one of those people who believed that the standalone version of Lightroom is the right strategy to hold on to. But after activating Lightroom CC, I must say that the way forward is the cloud way. Ligtroom -web and -mobile has opened up a whole new perspective for my photo management.

The Web module is already "replaced" by Adobe Portfolio that is a much better solution, and I see the new as the future version of Lightroom that over time will replace functions in the current heavy client.
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In some parts of the world we still pay high rates for our internet connections, and even in Norway some people still can't get anything but Mobile Internet Access, and its Crazy Expensive...
So for many users, the standalone version is the only "real" alternative...

But not anymore... as of 17. Oct. 2017, Adobe is no longer an alternative for very many users and photographers not earning a 7 digits number a year ...
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Just to be clear, you do understand that Lightroom Classic (the latest folder-based version) works on your computer, and the only required internet connection is occasional activation? You don't have to sync photos to the cloud.
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Yes, not the point...
The point is Adobe is moving everything to the Cloud, this "classic" stunt is only a part so that people don't understand so fast that they have the knife on the throat !

And the other thing, in ACC, when you have Lightroom 6 installed and no subscription, it still state "update" for Lightroom, when you do the update, it doesnt install an update to LR 6, it upgrades it to LR Classic and you get a 7 days trial, and are forced to do a payment for a subscrition !!!
Fraud is actually what comes to mind fastest... no information, and a greyed out option to "not uninstall old software".
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Some people can not afford subscription and don’t say it’s cheaper then updating each year as a lot off us don’t update every year as there is no need and can’t afford it. We are not all rich like Adobe thinks.
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Sounds like something might have invalidated the licensing token if what you're seeing isn't the Lightroom mobile trial. The token can be invalidated if it's deleted or modified by another application, or if the battery is run down and the date/time is changed. If this happens, you can re-serialize the application with your Lightroom 6 serial #: