Lightroom 6 perpetual & map module not working

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I am a hobbyist photographer and Lightroom user from the very beginning. I upgraded my license to the newest version whenever I wanted to have new features that were added. I had no problem with the update price as it was until version 6. No doubt the best software available for what I want to do with my photos.

But I do not like subscriptions.
I see the point for Adobe having a regular cash income. And also of professionals making a living with those tools. If a program is used on a daily basis, the subscription price is reasonable.
But Lightroom is also used by thousands of hobbyists like myself using it only for a couple of hours a month and sometimes not at all.

So far I was happy with 6.14! But if features like the map module become unavailable (even though it is not Adobes fault that Google changed something on the API). It is the beginning of the end of Lightroom for me because I will not buy a subscription.
As hard as it is, I will have to look for alternatives.

Maybe Adobe reconsiders that they once said that perpetual licenses will also be available next to the CC versions. Since the know exactly how many perpetual licenses are not "downgraded" to subscriptions, they can figure out the possible revenue if they would offer perpetual again. If all desperate perpetual users jump ship to subscriptions it will never happen. 
Nothing will change because of what I've written but my frustration made it necessary to do so!

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Posted 1 year ago

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Myself and many thousands share your frustration. I brought 6.14 barely a year ago and have used it maybe a dozen times. All the work has already been done by Adobe to provide a fix we can download so all they do is alienate thousands of people. I like you over 15years have spent approx £500 with Adobe updating every 3 years. I cannot afford or wish to spend £120 per year for my relatively low useage. They could have revenue from me but they will get none with their present client approach.
Just noticed 'Adobe proud to announce last perpetual version LR6.14' .This was 12 months ago. This version is still on sale with Amazon. This situation is just unbelievable.
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That Adobe has eliminated one of the modules included in Lightroom CC 6 is unconscionable. I depended heavily on that feature and now my collections are very compromised. The collection with the images of my deceased brother's last hiking trip route have now been destroyed!
 There is no real reason to disable this feature (except to force people to pay perpetual rent). I am on a fixed income and cannot "upgrade" to the tune of $250 per year. 
This is not a lack of "support"--this part of the program needs to be restored.

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