Lightroom 6.14 is now available – last perpetual update of Lightroom

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We are happy to announce the release of Lightroom 6.14.

To update Lightroom to 6.14, choose Help > Updates.

Lightroom 6.14
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Photo of Melissa Rios

Melissa Rios, Lightroom Support Product Manager

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Posted 2 years ago

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Photo of Helge Drange

Helge Drange

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After automatic updating, the Lightroom crashes shortly after the intro window shows up. Message: "Lightroom encountered an error when reading from its preview cache and needs to quit."

I am on Mac OS X Version 10.9.5, Photoshop & Lightroom CC membership.
Photo of Alex Nicholson

Alex Nicholson

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In attempting to update my desktop LR to version 6.14 I downloaded the CC version 7 and am not sure how I now get to desktop version 6.14.  Any suggestions? 
Many thanks.
Photo of Dailyn Matthews

Dailyn Matthews

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There are links in Helge's posts above.  Follow them.
Photo of martijn Saly

martijn Saly

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The performance problem is still there, where LR would eat more and more RAM and CPU power and battery, as long as you just keep using it to browse, tag, rate, etc. Not even edit.
This is absolutely proposterous. This problem has existed since 5.0. You've kept adding features and other nonsense, but a serious bug like this doesn't get solved.
Please explain why this is. How is it decided to keep this bug in the software??
Photo of Steve Sprengel

Steve Sprengel, Champion

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LR 7.1 is the current version.  The 6.14 version of LR 6 was updated to include support for an important camera, and while LR 6 doesn't work well on your system, resources are engaged updating current versions of software.  No idea if LR 7 would work well on your system or not.  They did change several things performance-wise but it's continual process to make things work as best they can on a wide variety of systems.
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martijn Saly

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They had better fix LR6 performance degradation as well then, since 7.0 is a paid upgrade. And I will *not* pay for bugs that should have been fixed years ago. Yes, years.