Lightroom 6.0.1 clears filter during export

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I've noticed an issue with LR 6.0.1, that after using a filter and then performing the export, the export will clear the filter while it is running in the background. The problem isn't with the export itself. The problem is that while the export is running in the background, the filter is disengaged and the grid view will revert to the entire folder of images. This is not the way it worked in LR5. Let me give a specific example, and perhaps you can reproduce the behavior.

Let's say I have a folder of 100 images, 50 jpegs and 50 raw files. I engage my raw filter and now the grid view will only show the 50 raw files. So far so good. Now, lets say I select 25 of the 50 filtered images for export. I perform the export and the 25 images are exported exactly as they should be. Here is where the behavior diverges from 5.x to 6.x. In 5.x, while the export was being performed in a background thread, the grid view would still show both the 50 filtered images and the 25 selected images, just as they were before the export. In other words, performing the export did not disturb the existing filter or selection. In 6.x, once the export is underway, the filter is disengaged, and the grid view will now revert back to all 100 images in the folder. The selection still holds, but now the grid view shows both raw and jpeg files. Trying to re-engage the filter while the previous export is still running will only result in the filter being immediately disengaged. In other words, if an export is running in the background, a filter cannot be selected, or at least it wont hold.

This presents a problem for me, because in my workflow, once I select some raw images for export, I will typically perform several exports in a row, to different folders using different presets, but using the same filter. I may change my selection of files between exports, but I want to be able to select from the same active filter (raw images).

I don't believe Adobe intended to have an export clear a filter, especially since it didn't behave that way in LR5.x. I believe this to be a bug in version 6.x.

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Posted 4 years ago

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No responses yet? This is a very annoying bug. Given all the other bugs in recent updates, and the removal of important features, I wonder if anyone is even debugging the updates before releases anymore.